The first thing one will observe about centre is ‘Positivity’.

Every member of the centre will give you a positive vibe.

Rachna will always greet you with positive smile & sister Pooja is a friendly companion.

We are glad that we met “Dr. Shivani”. She never imposes thing on you and listens to you thoroughly.

She has a positive aura & always make things understandable.

We are thankful for understanding our concerns & for the Professional Behaviour.

Happy Couple



I had great problems getting pregnant, after many months of suffering and a miscarriage a friend suggested I visit Dr Shivani and ask for her help. She is a miracle worker because the month after i started the treatment i was pregnant and God blessed me with a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I am enclosing a pic of my son- Aiden Michael Saigal.

Thank you Dr Shivani, you made all my dreams come true.

Coralie Srivastava, Germany



Thank you so much SCI for making our dream come true.

We had heard such horror stories about IVF & have been so surprised and thrilled with our experience & success in FIRST ATTEMPT.

We have been blessed with a healthy baby boy on 12th feb 2017.we will never forget what you did for us.

Specially Dr. Shivani Mam, Dr Smita Mam & Dr. Sujata Mam Your support & Co-ordination are unforgettable during the treatment.

Thank you once again to the entire SCI Team.

With Regards,

Moushami & Sudhir



Dear Doctor Shivani,

I am happy to announce the birth of my two sons: Rodin Lionel Shiva ANCEL and Voltaire Raymond Rama ANCEL.

They were born Friday 17, Rodin weighs 2,750 kg for 47,5 cm and Voltaire weighs 2,650 kg for 50,5 cm.

I do not know how to thank you, I’m so happy. They are in great shape: one has exceeded its birth weight, the other is almost there. They are beautiful, they are very sensible ! Love to eat …

I look forward to coming to India to introduce them to you.

Congratulations for your wonderful work.

Thank you for your help, I am the happiest of moms.

Best regards

Cosette ANCEL



Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

In the name of Allah the most merciful and most gracious first and for
most of my full gratitude to be Allah who have created me, he who is
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor He begotten; and
there is none like unto Him. He who made everything for a reason and
by a reason and he who said those who doesn’t thank people doesn’t
thank their creator and for that I thank you for my heart for
everything that you have done to help me go throughout my difficulty.
I thank you by saying may Allah Grant you happiness and lead you to
the right path in which you can be happy in this life and the
hereafter and we would like to say that we love you and we respect you
and that you will always be the reason of our success and we will pray
to Allah the one who gave you a very smart and brilliant brain to
succeed you and your children as well as your beloved family and we
wish you a blessed life for you and your entire family as well and
finally Praise be to Allah, the merciful, the owner of the day of
judgment all this Nurse thanks so much.

From Abdul Aziz and Rozina in Ethiopia



Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, Dr. Sujata, Dr. Smita और आपके ISIS हॉस्पिटल के सभी स्टाफ को हम
दिल से धन्यवाद करते है!

हमें जो आप सभी से ख़ुशी मिली है उससे हम जिंदगी भर खुश रहेंगे और हम साईं बाबा से
प्रार्थना करते रहेंगे की साई बाबा हमारे ISIS हॉस्पिटल के सभी स्टाफ को हमेशा खुश
रखियेगा ISIS हॉस्पिटल के सभी स्टाफ को हम दोनों के तरफ से हार्दिक शुभ कामनाये.







               Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour

               Dr Tulika Sinha

 Me and my wife glad to come in this hospital “SCI HOSPITAL”

Thanku  Dr Shivani & Dr Tulika for completing our family. I want to thanks to Dr tulika , She is so caring and supportive so really thanks to you.

I am really thanks to both of you From core of my heart. U were such a supportive for us. So thank u sooooo…………………much

Staff are also very nice and good with us and the one of them Ms ruby she was really nice by nature and behaviour..

Also thanks to all staff of SCI HOSPITAL. We are really blessed with god to have like ur type of doctor.

Me and my wife are really thankful l to u Because our dream come true finally after many years.

We have no enough words to say thanks.Its really not enough to describe our happiness.


Praveen Kumar

Neetu (Greater Noida)






Dear Dr. Shivani,

Thank you very much. You have made it possible for us. With god grace my
pregnancy is positive and we’ll become parents. It is very difficult
to express our joy after all the emotional journey we have gone through.
We are extremely happy with this positive result.

You and your entire team have been very helpful throughout the process.
In words we cannot express our gratefulness to you.

God bless you and the entire team of SCI.

Thank You Very Much

Regards with & thanks

Vinay & tarun



Hello Dr. Shivani,

I would like to thank you and your whole team of SCI for giving me a
true joy of life that I can’t explain in words.

Your highly professional staff is extremely caring, sensitive and
supportive. They treat every patient as someone truly special.
Doctors give us the fullest attention and offer us the best and most
suitable medical advice we deserve.

Dr. Shivani, Dr. Smita and Dr. Sujata I always pray to god for your
prosperous and health.  You always all May live long stay fit and
healthy and give your best services to your patients.

Thanks by heart

Mrs. Roshni


SCI IVF Centre is a brand new, state-of-the-art IVF Centre located at Kailash Colony, South Delhi started in 2011. It provides comprehensive fertility services to both male and female patients as per the Government of India Guidelines and Policies. SCI IVF Centre is a unit of SCI Healthcare and is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

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