Egg Recipient Package (A List Donor)


  1. Embryo freezing INR 30,000/- 1 year
  2. Dummy embryo transfer INR 2700
  3. Sperm freezing per sample INR 10000/- 1 year
  4. Injections if given by SCI nurse per day INR 100
  5. Embryo transfer under anesthetic INR 8000
  6. Abdominal egg collection INR 30,000
  7. Blastocyst stage transfer Rs 25,000
  8. Extra meds like heparin etc required after embryo transfer as per actual


  1.  IVF/ ICSI meds for donor and recipient till pregnancy test.
  2. ICSI charges/ hospital charges/ embryologist fees/ half day bed charges
  3. Monitoring by blood tests and scans during the IVF/ ICSI cycle for both donor and recipient


  • Prices quoted are current for treatment starting after 1 August, 2011. Once quoted, prices under the control of SCI Healthcare will not rise, provided you enrol immediately and treatment starts within two months (or as pre-arranged with SCI).
  • In the case of treatment ceasing, if prices have risen in the interim, new prices will apply to subsequent treatment.
  • Please note that all payments are made in stages, and are non-refundable.
  • Fees are payable in advance and treatment will not be started until payment is made.

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