Comprehensive take home baby Package

Total Package – INR 15,00,000/-

This is a comprehensive take home baby plan ensuring live birth beyond 28 weeks.


Plan is confirmed after reviewing reports and is only for cycles with donor eggs from our associated ART Banks. Charges for premium donor eggs are not included in the package.

Intended Parent commits to minimum of 4 IVF cycles with multiple embryo transferred in each cycle.

If pregnancy and live birth beyond 28 weeks is not achieved in 4 IVF Cycles the entire Stage 1 payment will be refunded.

Stages of Payments

 STAGE ONE: 550,000  550,000
 STAGE TWO: 650,000  
1.At confirmation of heartbeatWeeks 5-8  (INR 130,000) + 9-16 (INR 120,000)250,000
2Start of week 15 of pregnancyWeeks 17-24200,000
3.Start of week 23 of pregnancyWeeks 25-30200,000
 Total Stage Two 650,000
 STAGE THREE: 300,000  
4.Stage three paymentWeeks 30 – birth300,000
 Total Of All Stages 15,00,000
 In case of twin pregnancy 350,000 Extra 350,000/- Extra
 C-Section advance paymentIncluded in Package 
 Surrogate compensation for C-sectionIncluded in Package 
  Pre Genetic Screening if required This is extra 


Premature Delivery before 28 weeks

Should a surrogate mother miscarry or child dies before birth in or before 28 weeks of pregnancy. The intended parent will be obligated to make Stage 2 payments for the new pregnancy. Stage 1 payments for the IVF process will not be charged and will be part of the package.


Preterm Delivery

In case of preterm delivery the NICU charges are separate and not covered in the package. These have to be paid directly to the hospital. The charges range from 12000/- per day to 20,000/- per day depending on the nature care. (These charges` figures are a guideline and may vary in special circumstances)




Wire transfer

  • Wire transfer is the preferred method.
  • Clients are responsible for paying fees to their bank and fees, if any, deducted from the receiving bank. (Fees are in the vicinity of INR500-1000 per wire transfer, but are sometimes not charged. Please add 1000 rupee to each transfer. If not charged fees will be credited to your account.)


Inter-country Bank Transfer Details

Name of beneficiary:                                     SCI HEALTHCARE PVT LTD

Account No:  50200043904154

Address of beneficiary:                                 M4, GREATER KAILASH PART 1, New Delhi,    110048.                                                                                 110048.

Account type:                                               BUSINESS ACCOUNT (CURRENT ACCOUNT)


Address of Bank: B-54A, GREATER KAILASH-1,NEW  Delhi – 110048                                                                    110048.

IFSC Code:                                                       HDFC0000092

SWIFT Code:                                                  HDFCINBB



Please always mention the purpose for remittance as Professional Fees or Payment for IVF/ Surrogacy Medical treatment. Please also request your bank to always include your name while crediting the payment to SCI Healthcare’s Account, as this will help us to trace your transfer.  If the transfer document is inadequately completed delays in transfer or return of amount from the Indian Bank may result. SCI will not be responsible for the loss in such cases.


Always send a copy of your bank receipts for funds transferred to:

Gourav Rathi (Accounts manager)

Dr Vishal Gour (Proprietor)


Credit Card through Paypal

SCI Paypal does not accept funds in INR. Please pay in the currency of your country. Add four per cent to total being transferred to cover Paypal fees. The actual amount in INR received by SCI will be credited to your account. Please consult Paypal for current conversions. SCI Healthcare’s paypal ID is in the name of our proprietor

Note: Any change in Government policy,  guidelines or law,  which may not allow to continue the treatment,  is beyond the control of SCI.  In the event of any such change SCI shall not be responsible for any refund of any cycle irrespective of  quantum of services. In case of any such event this clause will supercede any other clause. In case the IP chose to cancel treatment midway there will be no refunds.



SCI IVF Centre is a brand new, state-of-the-art IVF Centre located at Kailash Colony, South Delhi started in 2011. It provides comprehensive fertility services to both male and female patients as per the Government of India Guidelines and Policies. SCI IVF Centre is a unit of SCI Healthcare and is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

SCIIVF Hospital
S-21, Greater Kailash - I,
New Delhi - 110048, India
Phone number : 011-41022905/7/9 | 011-41034631

Zygon Square, 3rd Floor, Sector - 63, Noida (U.P.)
Phone number : +91-9999448877

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