Ectopic Pregnancy Centre Delhi IVF: Read the Specialist’s Opinion Over The Matter

If you have already dwelled yourself in the world of pregnancy and motherhood to prepare yourself for the journey ahead, then you may have come across the topic called “Ectopic Pregnancy.” While it can be a matter of concern for mothers who are willing to conceive either naturally or through the IVF procedure at SCIIVF, there are treatments available for the situation. However, right before you jump to any conclusion about the condition, you need to have knowledge about the topic covering; what Is it? Signs, reasons, and possible treatment. So, without any delay, let’s start your education journey on ectopic pregnancy.

What is an ectopic pregnancy? Ectopic Pregnancy Centre Delhi

As Dr. Nupur Garg who is a Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecologist at SCI IVF Hospital, Noida explains-Ectopic pregnancy, commonly known as ‘extrauterine’ pregnancy, happens when the embryo grows outside the designated position, which is the womb or uterus of the woman. The condition can cause some serious life-threatening bleeding and requires medical attention right away.

In 90% of the cases, the embryo starts growing in the fallopian tube. This condition is called a tubal pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy at Ectopic Pregnancy Centre Delhi

When it comes to the signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, it happens within the first few weeks of pregnancy. In the beginning, you might not even know you are pregnant and may not notice any problem. Nevertheless, the early signs of ectopic pregnancy include:

  •  Light vaginal bleeding
  •  Vomiting and upset stomach
  •  Sharp cramps
  •  Pain on one side of the body
  •  Dizziness and weakness

In the worst condition, the ectopic pregnancy can cause the fallopian tube to burst or rupture. Emergency symptoms also include sharp pain and vaginal bleeding. You need to call your doctor right away after spotting these symptoms. 

Causes and risk of ectopic pregnancy with embryo formation: Natural vs. IVF

The risk of ectopic in natural pregnancy is around 2% that means if you conceive naturally, there are 2% chances that it will result in an ectopic pregnancy. On the other hand, in the In vitro fertilization (IVF) the risk of ectopic pregnancy is less than 2% and approximately 1.4% to 1.5%. So, does IVF really make a difference when it comes to reducing the chances of ectopic pregnancy? In several ways? Yes, it does reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will not occur 100%, but a great chance at Ectopic Pregnancy Centre Delhi.


What are the key risk factors which may actually lead to ectopic pregnancy?

As you already know, in IVF, the embryos are formed outside the body in the lab and later put inside the uterus. Whereas in the natural pregnancy, embryos are formed in the fallopian tube, so in natural pregnancy, there is an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy. On the other hand, in IVF, the embryos are carefully placed inside the uterus for a healthy pregnancy, so the risk should be nil. However, sometime things don’t work the way we planned and embryos get sucked by the tubes, resulting in ectopic pregnancy. In short, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is there in the IVF process as well. The reasons what causes ectopic pregnancy in IVF are:

An associated tubal factor with fertility

If the patient has the damaged tube, then it increases the chances of ectopic increases as embryos migrate to the damaged tubes. In the IVF process, damaged tubes suck in the embryos that are transferred into the uterus of the patient. 

Transfer of multiple embryos in the uterus

The second most important factor, which may lead to ectopic pregnancy in IVF is multiple embryo transfer that is usually done to increase the chances of healthy pregnancy within the first attempt. However, when three or more embryos are transferred inside the uterus, there are always chances that one or two embryos may get sucked into the fallopian tube. Also, there are some peristalsis movements that are movements of the uterus or waves in the uterus and fallopian tubes, which may push the embryos into the tubes and may lead to ectopic pregnancy.

What are precautions that are being followed to avoid ectopic pregnancy in IVF?

There are ways that have now been followed to decrease the risk of ectopic pregnancy in IVF. At SCI IVF, the professionals are implementing more and more single embryo transfers in patients at the blastocyst stage that decreases the risk of ectopic pregnancy by less than 0.8%.

In the cases where the patient has a previous history of ectopic pregnancy, it is advisable to go for the single embryo transfers at the blastocyst stage because the blast is the heavy embryo compared to a day three embryo, and the window of movement is not there in the blastocyst compared to day three embryos. So, the ectopic pregnancy rate almost decreased to 0.8% in IVF patients, where both single embryo transfer and blastocyst stage is implemented.

After an ectopic pregnancy

It might be hard for you to overcome the pain that comes with ectopic pregnancy, but once that difficult stage gets over, you can try again with the help of SCI IVF staff who are always there to help you out. Don’t give up on your dream to become a mother; consult with our professionals, and find your way out. For further details, visit the website


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