Ms. Pooja writes her experience about her treatment at SCIIVF Hospital, the best IVF Centre Delhi.


Mrs. Pooja writes to us:

I’m Pooja from Punjab and married for 10 years. I got married at the age of 23. I’m the first daughter in my family so everyone was expecting me to tell them the ‘good news’ about my pregnancy but conceiving a baby became a nightmare for me. Our visits to doctors were never ending and I had to swallow a lot of tablets on top of it, the pressure from the family kept me worried.

My husband was very supportive and took me to almost all the fertility clinics and gynecologist around Punjab but none of it worked well for me. Some doctors were very kind and some weren’t. Several scans and numerous reports failed on us instantly. I was suffering from Tube blockage and had also gone through a surgery to remove the tube blockage. But I failed to conceive even after that and tried IUI a couple of times. When we looked back, we had already crossed 7 years of marriage and I had entered into my thirties.


I have read a lot of articles on the internet about the difficulties of conceiving after the age of 30. I was depressed, my husband was worried and we were not able to lead a normal life till we met Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour . A close friend of mine suggested me to try the famous IVF centre Delhi  and out of no hopes we took an appointment with the Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour .

Today, I feel glad that I met my favorite doctor who helped me to become a mother. Yes, I’m the mother of the one-month-old cute little princess. We have named her Hanvi. I would like to share my experience with the doctor and how fortunate I am to have come across the most approachable, patient and friendly doctor.

I was married at the right age so I couldn’t adjust to the fact that I might be infertile. At a young age, it was too difficult for me to consider myself as infertile. First few years of marriage, we tried to have a baby but later realized that it didn’t  work out and there was something genuinely wrong with us. It was already 4 years of our marriage and that is when we started searching for the right doctor to treat us.

We considered references from everyone and went through the endless number of painful tests. We also had our hopes on astrologers and believed their predictions. Followed their instructions, wore different types of strings and pendants. Upon the suggestions of the astrologer, we shifted our house and moved to a new house. And what not, I ate all sorts of powders and medicines and visited every temple.

Our life turned out to be worst and we were desperate in having a baby. I and my husband discussed only treatments and doctors and our outings were planned only to meet the doctor and for sonography scan schedules. Our days passed on by discussion only about my ‘most fertile days’. And finally, the expectations and the hype would come to an end when I got  my period. Depression followed me instantly and again the month began with desperate planning with a new doctor.

Having spent almost 7 years in finding out the right doctor, we, fortunately, I heard about IVF centre in Delhi  and consulted Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour . The doctor understood the level of frustration we were going through and energized me. I was suffering from mood swings sometimes extremely high and sometimes extremely low. I was keeping myself away from the outside world and restricted from talking to anyone. The doctor helped me to come out of my difficult situation quite easily and quickly. She is more than a doctor. She understood my mental and physical state and my treatment went well.

About the Clinic:

I should definitely mention about the clinic which was calm, neat and maintained well. The staffs at the clinic were also well behaved and they carried a smile on their face all time. I did not feel like entering a strange place. The nurses, staffs and every employee there did their job perfectly well. The atmosphere at the clinic was very healthy and I no more felt like a patient!

The tests I went through before IVF:

Tests and treatments were never new to me. I had gone through several of them. However, the place where you are being tested matters a lot. To my luck, everything seemed perfect at the IVF centre in Delhi . I was hoping for miracles to happen and eventually agreed to all the basic tests before IVF.

Firstly, my age was not a big concern. Good preconception health is very important for IVF pregnancy. Conditions like diabetes, asthma, and hypertension were analyzed and thankfully I did not have any of these chronic medical conditions. Obesity can result in unsuccessful pregnancy so my ideal weight was checked and the doctor suggested me a weight management program. I was obese and it could have been because of the intake of too many tablets, powers and all. The doctor put me on a month long weight management plan that helped me get back in shape. I had to follow a strict diet and restricted myself from eating canned products, junk food, and chicken. Forgoing my favorite food to get pregnant was not a big deal for me.

Blood test: 

My blood group was verified and several screenings were done to check if there were any conditions that could harm my pregnancy. I and the husband were tested for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, and C. Our genetic health issues were also addressed and previous illnesses like chicken pox, measles was noted.

Ovarian Reserve Testing:

This was done to check the quality of my egg. The doctor told me that due to the age of women, the ability to conceive decreases and there can be an increased case of miscarriage. This test helped to check the quality, quantity, and the potential of the egg.

The level of FSH, LH, and Estradiol: I’m familiar with these terms since I’m used to hearing this over and over again. The follicle stimulation hormone (FSH), Luteinizing (LH) and the level of estradiol are monitored on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. This is mainly done to find out the fertility potential.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone test (AMH): This test was done to determine the number of eggs that were remaining. This test can be done anytime during the menstrual cycle.

Uterus: This is a mandatory test before IVF. A sonosalpingography is done. The mock transfer is also done to determine the length and direction of the uterus. This test helps the doctor to analyze the condition of the uterus and improve the success rate of the IVF.

Semen Analysis: Men are lucky as they don’t have to go through physical pain. The semen of the men is analyzed and reviewed. The quality of the sperm helps in successful IVF. I got a green flag there and my husband did have healthy sperms that will result in successful pregnancy.

Every time I visited IVF Centre in Delhi , I was welcome with a warm smile and never felt lost. There have been times where I visited the clinic all alone and I never felt neglected. My silly questions were answered patiently by the receptionist and Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour  was always there to answer my smallest questions.

IVF Centre Delhi


We are not experts:

Yes, we are not expert but we have to right to understand the procedure and process so you can ask as much as questions to your doctors. IVF centre in Delhi  offers different levels of treatment and they provide different solutions to each and every patient.

Here are few questions I asked them

  • Do you have individual treatment for each patient?
  • Why do you suggest me to go with IVF?
  • How do you decide which treatment is best for me?
  • What will be the success rate?
  • Will there be any complications during my pregnancy?
  • What are the risks involved in IVF treatment?
  • Can I contact you in the case of emergencies?
  • What is the cost of the treatment?
  • Will you explain the procedure before the treatment?

How did I prepare for IVF?

It took me 9 years to realize that IVF was meant for me. Husband and I discussed it with Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour  and decided that it will work for us. The doctor helped us understand the process and the procedure and my health was monitored periodically. I remember the doctor repeating her statement over and over again if the IVF is successful, you will be pregnant. This statement of hers was my energy! I was told by the doctor to maintain good health so that the success rate increases.

I was very careful and concentrated on my daily routine. I ate good food and included healthy fruits and vegetables in my diet. This helped me to maintain and support my hormones and my reproductive system. The early stage of development was very crucial and if it is not taken care the right way, it can become stressful. My husband helped me to follow my diet routines and we followed healthy practices to stay fit. I was physically and mentally prepared for the treatment.

IVF  procedure:

It was tedious during those days but now I feel happy that I had gone through this procedure. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour  monitored me closely during the entire process until my childbirth. Her care and encouraging words have helped me to conceive without any complications.

Ovulation: The doctor monitored my ovaries and the timing of the egg release. She made sure my ovaries are producing good quality of eggs and my hormone levels are maintained. I was on medication to balance my hormones.

Egg Retrieval: I experienced mild discomfort but it was completely okay. A thin needle was passed through the vaginal walls and with the use of vaginal ultrasound the fluid was removed. The egg was isolated from the follicular fluid and was transferred to the incubator.

Fertilization: The sperm sample of my husband was secured and the egg was mixed with the most active sperm and was kept in the incubator again. The doctor closely monitored the growth of the embryo (And yes, that was my little princess Hanvi).

Embryo transfer: The final step when the embryo (my little one) was transferred to my uterus and I was on  rest for two days.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour  was gentle with me and she kept telling me that my eggs were good and the embryo is perfectly fine. She even told me to talk to the embryo. Her confidence passed on some positive energies and the result was positive this time. Had I not gone to IVF centre in Delhi , it would have been a different story. They gave us a meaning to our life and I’m holding my little one who is the gift for our love and relationship.

Apart from the treatment and the tedious wait time, couples like us need a faith and trust the doctors can pass on to us. The confidence just works on the very first meeting with them. Apart from the medical terms, the personal touch of every doctor is very important. We are at an extreme stage of our life in complete depression and the positive words from the doctor keep us energized.

What I liked about IVF centre in Delhi  is the way the staffs behave. They understand the needs of every patient and are happy to help us. I was not passed on from counter to counter like a lifeless parcel. I was being guided and told the right thing to do. There was someone to guide and help us throughout the process which eased away from our pain. Their smiling faces bring a lot of happiness. I admired Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour ’s clarity of speech and her personal care and affection.

During my childbirth:

Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour  from IVF centre in Delhi  was very helpful. She helped me understand the symptoms and took good care of me. Regular scans and checkups went well without any problem. I came to the clinic when I had mild pain during my 9th month and the doctor came to help me immediately. She insisted that I have a normal delivery and taught me few exercises. And yes, with her advice I was able to deliver my baby through the normal way.

The clinic is very affordable for normal people. The doctors are service minded and will not cost you a bomb. The front desk team is very friendly and you can easily book appointments as per your convenient schedule. Overall I had a great experience here.

How did I feel?

To be frank, my aim was just to get pregnant and my mind was occupied only with the thoughts of pregnancy. The physical pain during the tests and the treatment did not affect me or the husband at all; however, my emotions played a rollercoaster. The treatment is all about waiting. You have to wait for an appointment, wait for results, wait for your name to be called, wait to become pregnant, wait to become a parent and you need to just keep waiting for something good to happen. I was frustrated whenever I had to hear something negative. I was depressed when someone points their finger at me and commented: “I’m childless”.

My husband was my only strength who gave me the complete support and yes, our parents too supported us whenever we needed them. My friends who have already gone through IVF and have experienced their success and failure blessed us with their comforting words and they encouraged us throughout our treatment and the tough journey. I felt nice talking to my friends who have already gone through the same process. It made some sense to talk with someone who really did understand what I was referring to.

Husband and me: How was our relationship?

The problem of infertility cannot be managed alone! It is a problem that needs to be faced as a couple and my husband took extraordinary care of me. For the past 9 years, I had shed tears all time when he would come back home with the result of blood test and the not-so-good scan reports. He consoled me, stayed with me throughout the procedure. He was with me whenever I needed him. We discuss a lot about treatment and the procedure and he appreciates me whenever I feel low. We shared our emotions and managed it so well and it also helped us to strengthen our relationships. Our relationship got stronger as we faced the difficult times of our life together. We did not take quick decisions but discussed before deciding on anything.

Life lessons learnt

Our lives cannot be predicted and it chooses unusual ways to teach lessons. Infertility is one such kind. As a woman, I have become stronger and healthier. I am able to look after myself and concentrate on my health along with my little ones. I have been dreaming of having a baby and in my dreams, I have planned to grow them well. Now, I’m able to execute the plan. I’m able to easily deal with the arrows life throws at me. I’m able to deal with the relationships in a clever way. I have also learned that life teaches us lessons during our difficult times. This has helped me analyze my inner strengths.

My advice:

If I was able to conceive at the age of 33, I’m sure you can all conceive easily. Do not worry about infertility. There are new treatment and procedures that will help you to have a baby.

  • Before you go for tests and treatment, learn about the success rate of the clinic and take suggestions and advice from your friends and relatives. Take references from people you know and who have already have experienced the services.
  • Ask the doctor about the various treatments and understand how it works. This will help you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Learn to deal with your emotions and do not get depressed. Stay strong and live happily. There are a lot of opportunities so look for the best.
  • If you have faced multiple failures, talk to Shivani Sachdev Gour from IVF centre Delhi  who can give you the best suggestion and also a solution to help you have a child.

I did not realize my health condition till I met Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour . She helped me understand why I failed to conceive which was not explained to me in the past 9 years. My family is complete now. We are happy and our parents are happy.

Today, holding my little one in my arms, I would like to tell all those couples like us who are not able to conceive the normal way, not to feel bad as we are all special people. Though it is late, we must feel glad that there are opportunities that will make us “happy mothers”!Each time my little one smiles at me, I ask myself “why did I take so long to visit IVF Centre Delhi ?” If I had been to them earlier, miracles would have happened a long time back.





The first thing one will observe about centre is ‘Positivity’.

Every member of the centre will give you a positive vibe.

Rachna will always greet you with positive smile & sister Pooja is a friendly companion.

We are glad that we met “Dr. Shivani“. She never imposes thing on you and listens to you thoroughly.

She has a positive aura & always make things understandable.

We are thankful for understanding our concerns & for the Professional Behaviour.

Happy Couple

Thankful Parents from India


Resource by Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, Senior IVF Expert & Gynecologist of SCI International Hospital


Sunlight plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our body.  A short duration of sunlight exposure is necessary for everyone since it helps in producing vitamin D in our body which helps in absorption of calcium and phosphorus which is essential for healthy bones. Recently, newer roles of vitamin D have been found as its deficiency has been found to be associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and in development of certain cancers. Many studies have proven its important role in reproduction. The active form of vitamin D helps in maintaining estrogen level, also produced from uterine lining and plays role in embryo implantation. Vitamin D is necessary for maintaining the balance of sex hormones in the female and for sperm motility in males. It also helps in improving the sperm count and quality. Also, it increases the level of testosterone in males leading to an increase in libido. It has been shown that women ovulate less in winters as compared to summers which supports the fact that sunlight plays a vital role in conception. There are many causes of infertility. IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is the treatment option for those who are not able to conceive naturally. Vit D deficiency has been found to be a co existing factor with other causes of infertility as researchers have revealed most of the infertile couples to be vit D deficient.

Vit D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin” and is a fat soluble vitamin. It can be produced in the body by sitting in the sunlight during peak sunlight hours and exposing the arms and legs. In the presence of sunlight the skin makes the natural form of  Vit D by a form of cholesterol present in skin, which is then converted to active form of Vit D first in the liver and then in the kidneys. Sunlight exposure improves the success rate of IVF in infertile couples. Also, Vit D helps in preventing pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, small babies and pregnancy related hypertension.

While in the sunlight one should know that to obtain maximum benefit, sunblock cream should not be applied. Also, the exposure must not be too prolonged so as to obtain tanning as it may affect the skin. The amount of time period of sun exposure necessary for any individual depends on a number of factors like skin type or complexion, season (summer or winter) and which time of the day. Those with a darker skin require more time to produce vit D as compared to those with lighter skin. There is a greater exposure to sunlight in summers. Also the amount of absorption of sunlight and hence vitamin D production is more if larger area of skin is exposed.

There are many food sources of vit D, such as liver, mushroom, cheese, oily fish, milk and eggs. But only 20% of the recommended daily dose of vit D is obtained from food, the remaining 80% should be obtained from sunlight. The best advantage of this source is that it is free of cost and can be obtained in abundance anywh

Vit D helps building up the immune system of the body which helps in fighting infection. Uterine infection is one among the many causes of failure of implantation of the embryo.  Sunlight also has a direct effect on bacteria and helps in killing them. In older times, sunlight was used as healing therapy for many diseases.

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium from diet, which we all know is important for healthy bones. In the absence of Vitamin D, calcium is absorbed from the bones which leads to weak bones. Apart from this, Calcium also plays a role in conception as it is required for the maturation process sperm undergoes for fertilisation. Calcium is also important for motility of the sperm which is vital for fertilisation. Calcium is not only important for sperm functioning, it is also important for development of oocyte and  also plays a role in embryo growth.

Vit D helps utilise magnesium in the body. Low magnesium levels contributes to infertility by causing contractions in the fallopian tubes and hence interfere in implantation of the egg. Prolonged magnesium deficiency also leads to anxiety and obesity. Magnesium also increases the blood supply to the uterus and helps in egg production. It also helps to decrease the risk of abortions.

Vit D also helps in the absorption of zinc from the gut. Though zinc deficiency alone is not a cause of infertility, it is required for the proper functioning of the reproductive system. It helps in maintaining the balance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and also helps in egg production. It also contributes to male fertility by improving the quality of sperm and helping in its maturation process.

There is some evidence that vit D deficiency might be related to the pathogenesis of polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) which is a metabolic syndrome characterised by insulin resistance, ovulation problems, menstrual irregularities and hormonal imbalance. It is an important cause of infertility.

Sunlight helps in controlling the melanin production which is the “sleep hormone” that is produced by a small gland in the body at night and helps you sleep and is also responsible for the dark colour of skin. Excessive melatonin contributes to infertility by affecting the sperm count and motility and thus affects the process of fertilization. It also causes a change in  the levels of female sex hormones which affects menstruation and ovulation. Melatonin also has an effect on thyroid hormone.



Infertile couples are under a lot of stress. While undergoing IVF treatment the stress is even more. Sunlight is very important as it helps in the production of serotonin which has anti-depressant effect. It is important for regulating sleep, appetite, memory and mood. Few minutes in the sun helps elevate the mood by releasing endorphins in the body  that  are “happy hormones”.

Daily exposure to sunshine for 15 to 20 minutes helps maintain the sleep wake cycle and to keep the mind rejenuvated. It helps to fight fatigue and energises the body. Being in the sunlight encourages one to socialize and engage in outdoor activities, this helps in improving the quality of life. Another advantage is that one gets a chance to observe the nature which helps the mind and body to relax.

While in the sun one should bear in mind that over exposure to sunlight has its own drawbacks as it may lead to excessive tanning of the skin, sunburns and some other skin diseases, premature ageing of the skin and eye problems. But these occur only if the exposure is too prolonged and mostly in those with a fair complexion.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, use of computers and other lifestyle choices that involve indoor work, we all tend to miss direct sunlight exposure. Also due to busy schedule and fear of skin problems many of us miss the beneficial effects of sunlight. One should make an active effort to take out 15-20 minutes a day for atleast 4 times a week if not daily and sit outside and let nature help you in the best possible way.



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