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The Compassionate Journey of Surrogate Medical Screening


In the field of surrogacy, where yearns for motherhood interweave with life’s blessings, itineraries are not embarked on immediately after a surrogate mother gets pregnant. The first thing she has to do is undergo a compassionate and thorough medical examination that evaluates her and equips her with the necessary skills to become a parent. In this article, we shall look at various steps involved in detailed physical and psychological scrutiny of prospective surrogates in the Altruistic Surrogacy Centre in Delhi that go beyond mere checkups towards hope and unselfishness.

Beginning the Journey

The initial step for any woman interested in being a surrogate involves going through an extensive medical assessment. At this stage, what matters most is not only the physical health but also the mental readiness to take up such an extraordinary role.

Physical Health

To begin with, there has to be an intense screening process targeted toward understanding more about the surrogate’s physical well-being. Different aspects will be examined during this time, from blood tests to pelvic examinations, to ensure healthy reproductive capability. Hormonal levels, ovarian reserves, and uterine condition are checked by Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour at SCI IVF Hospital to determine if there can be a successful conception or not.

Psychological Evaluation

Besides looking into physical aspects, emotional stability also demands priority when evaluating potential surrogates’ suitability as candidates for motherhood by proxy. Mental healthcare professionals conduct interviews with them where they ask about their motives behind doing it, like expectations they have concerning what lies ahead and how prepared they are emotionally to face these challenges. This step safeguards mental fitness not just alone but even helps confirm whether individuals possess the inner strength needed during difficult times.

Screening for Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle choices play a big role in determining who can become good surrogates or not. Apart from medical and psychological tests, there are also screenings done based on one’s way of living, which might affect pregnancy outcomes. Such factors include dieting habits, exercise routines followed as well as substance abuse. All these checks promote general body health for the women involved in surrogacy and increase the chances of success throughout this journey.


The process of selecting suitable surrogate mothers goes beyond mere examinations. It underpins all activities directed toward the creation of families. Potential candidates for motherhood by proxy are assessed at SCI IVF Hospital thoroughly, both physically and mentally. At each level during the screening exercise, this best altruistic surrogacy centre in Delhi ensures that the surrogate meets the checklist of the ideal surrogate to carry your child.

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