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SCI IVF is a leading IVF/ICSI hospital. We have a team of experienced healthcare professionals who are experts in their own fields. They offer exceptional IVF services to the patients that visit us.

male infertility

Male Infertility

SCI IVF is one of the top-rated medical hospital for male infertility. Our team of exceptionally talented healthcare professionals have years of experience and ensure that you get the best possible treatment. 

Ovarian Induction

Ovarian Induction

Ovulation is the process of the release of eggs from one of the ovaries. In women, this process takes place once a month, particularly at the time of their menstrual cycle.

Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching is a cutting-edge technique used in conjunction with IVF to improve the embryo’s chances of implantation.

Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination is a type of artificial insemination process and a subset of assisted-reproductive techniques. In it, the sperm are collected beforehand and inserted into the uterus of the woman, near the egg.

Blastocyst culture

Blastocyst culture

The term blastocyst is given to a human embryo that has grown 5 to 6 days after fertilization. It is basically the stage of embryo development that is very important before it is implanted in the mother’s uterus. 

Surgical sperm retrieval

Surgical Sperm Retrieval

The lack of sperm in the ejaculate is known as azoospermia. It can be caused by a blockage of the genital ducts (as in the event of a vasectomy) or by sperm production in the testicles being weak or nonexistent. 

Embryo Biopsy

Embryo Biopsy for PGS/PGD

PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) refers to the examination of an IVF embryo’s overall chromosomal normality. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The prospective mother’s ovaries are artificially stimulated in new IVF rounds to generate a larger number of mature eggs. 

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SCI IVF Hospitals have state-of-art infrastructure and use the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies to provide the highest quality infertility treatments that have enabled us to deliver very high success rates.

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