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Egg Donation Process & Cost in Delhi & NCR

The procedure of egg donation for IVF involves obtaining eggs from another woman to create embryos for another woman. Gamete donor banks thoroughly examine egg donors, and we are given access to their data banks. The girls are young and have been proved to be fruitful by excellent families. They are attractive Caucasian, African, or Mongolian egg donors with extensive background information from all Indian communities. For the patients, the egg donation center in Delhi can quickly find a good fit.

What is the best way to locate an egg donor?

Finding an egg donor for IVF takes time, and you should speak with many egg donor surrogacy agencies before deciding:

  • Using the services of an egg donor agency is the most popular approach to discover a potential egg donor.
  • A trustworthy and professional egg donation service available in SCI IVF Hospital and Surrogacy Centre India will give a comprehensive profile of egg donors, including medical, family, and social histories, as well as the psychological exam results.
  • They can break down the cost of egg donation and the compensation provided by the egg donor.
  • Inquire about the donor’s previous donation history, since knowing that she is experienced with the procedure and has previously assisted other couples in realizing their dream of becoming parents may put your mind at ease.

Who needs an egg donor?

Egg donation is best suited for:

  • A woman whose eggs are of low quality
  • Ovarian reserve has dwindled
  • Advanced age 
  • Premature ovarian failure is a condition that occurs when a woman’s ovaries stop
  • Poor egg quality due to advanced age
  • Women who have failed many cycles using their eggs in the past
  • The risk of passing on a hereditary illness to a child
  • This technique has a success rate of about 50 to 60 percent every cycle.

What happens in the Egg Donation Process?

The endometrium of the patient is prepared and synchronized by hormones with the egg/oocyte cycle. After stimulation injections, the donor's eggs are extracted from the ovary, and these eggs are fertilized with the patient’s husband’s sperms to generate healthy embryos. These embryos are subsequently placed into the uterus of the patient.

Egg donation: Donor’s Perspective

Egg donation male perspective as the donors of eggs have frequently stated that their bodies altered as a result of the monetary incentive they received. Others may have had a more difficult time recovering.

The finest aspect of the operation for everyone involved, however, is hearing that the transfer went well and that pregnancy has resulted as a result of your gift. Many egg donors have stated that they would undertake the process again in a heartbeat since they affected the lives of intended parents locally or around the world.

Cost of Egg Donation

The egg donation cost in India is relatively low, especially for foreigners. A normal donor in India receives around Rs. 30,000-35,000 for each surgery, while those on the premium list receive Rs. 50,000-60,000 approx. A whole donor egg IVF cycle costs about $ 6000 approx., which covers the egg donor’s expenses as well as the cost of medicines. 

The egg donation cost in Delhi ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 dollars. The entire cost fluctuates depending on the situation.


Intended Parents whose female parent is unable to contribute biological material for IVF might consider IVF with egg donation. SCI IVF Hospital helps prospective parents to identify a qualified egg donor. Understandably, having someone who will be a member of your next generation is difficult. Having an egg donor to build a family requires a lot of love and compassion.

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