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Surrogacy Package

Total Package – INR 11,00,000/-


Getting started

  • Surrogate and donor recruitment
  • Surrogate and donor’s psychological counseling and testing for medical fitness
  • Lawyer fee for preparing the agreement between parents and surrogate
  • All pre-transfer medical testing of surrogates and donor
  • All medications for Indian donor and surrogate for IVF/ICSI
  • IVF/ICSI cycle and fresh embryo transfer to surrogate
  • Payment to surrogate for embryo transfer and donor as applicable
  • Courier charge of one set of contract documents if required

While pregnancy

  • Surrogate compensation
  • Coordinator/Social worker compensation
  • Routine admin expenses
  • Travelling cost of family member for visiting surrogate.
  • Food and accommodation for the entire pregnancy for surrogate and dependent member, if any at our surrogate home
  • Driver and caretaker for surrogate
  • Routine ante-natal care, doctor’s appointment, blood tests and ultrasounds (including colour Doppler in third trimester)
  • Oral hematinics, calcium, multivitamin and micronutrients for surrogate
  • Normal vaginal delivery
  • Concierge to assist you during your stay in Delhi
  • Reduction cost is covered in the package if pregnancy is more than twin.
  • 24*7 client assistance throughout the pregnancy

After baby is born

  • Routine post-natal care and medical tests for surrogate of surrogate
  • Post-natal doctors appointments for surrogate
  • Assistance of getting the birth certificate of baby from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi
  • Discount prices for SCI clients at a range of serviced apartments close to the hospital
  • Loan of certain baby items needed in Delhi after birth of baby
  • Baby pick up file containing signed original agreement, delivery report and No Objection letter from surrogate

Plan is confirmed after reviewing reports and is only for self cycles. Charges for donor eggs are not included in the package.

Intended Parent commits to minimum of 1 IVF cycles with multiple embryo transferred.


Stages of Payments

  STAGE ONE: 400,000          400,000
  STAGE TWO: 400,000    
1. At confirmation of heartbeat Weeks 5-8  (INR 130,000) + 9-16 (INR 130,000) 200,000
2 Start of week 15 of pregnancy Weeks 17-24 100,000
3. Start of week 23 of pregnancy Weeks 25-30 100,000
  Total Stage Two   400,000
  STAGE THREE: 300,000    
4. Stage three payment Weeks 30 – birth 300,000
  Total Of All Stages   11,00,000
  In case of twin pregnancy  350,000 Extra  350,000/- Extra
  Surrogate compensation for C-section Included in Package  
  C-Section advance payment           This is extra INR 110,000
  Pre Genetic Screening if required  This is extra  
  Egg donor charges This is extra INR 90 to 180,000

Hospital Admission of baby/babies, If required. 

In case of preterm delivery the NICU charges are separate and not covered in the package. These have to be paid directly to the hospital. The charges range from 12000/- per day to 20,000/- per day depending on the nature care. (These charges` figures are a guideline and may vary in special circumstances)


  • Prices quoted are current for treatment starting after July, 2021. Once quoted, prices under the control of SCI Healthcare will not rise, provided you enroll immediately and treatment starts within two months (or as pre-arranged with SCI).
  • Please note that all payments are made in stages, and are non-refundable. In the case of miscarriage where payment is made in advance, clients will be responsible for actual costs and credit will be given to client for subsequent treatment.  

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