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COVID-19 Precautions At SCI-IVF

COVID-19 Precautions : The entire world is gripped by a global pandemic unlike any we have ever seen. Every aspect of life is impacted by the novel coronavirus. But health care services need to go on, even in the worst of times. In the face of a deadly virus that spreads rapidly, the doubts and fears of patients are understandable. But at SCI-IVF, we understand these fears and do our best to allay them. Your safety is our priority. Learn more about how SCI-IVF is ensuring the best precautions against coronavirus.


Our COVID-19 Precautions

Our facility has been equipped to prevent and control the spread of infection by state-of-the-art techniques. Here are some of the ways through which we ensure the safety of our patients:

  • Thermal screening at all entry points of our facility. Fever is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus, so our accurate thermal screeners filter any visitor with high body temperature.
  • Appointments are strictly mandatory for patients to enter into the facility. Anyone without an appointment is not allowed in the clinic. This is done to avoid the rush and ensure social distancing.
  • The clinic is modified to allow easy social distancing among visitors. Seats in the waiting area leave mandatory gaps, and only two visitors are allowed in a group.
  • We take care of sanitization at every step of the way. Sanitizers are installed at every corner of the clinic, with an easy no-contact mechanism. Visitors are encouraged to sanitize their hands before entering and after leaving the clinic.
  • We follow a strict compulsory-mask rule. No visitor without a mask is allowed into the clinic. Visitors are also dissuaded from removing the mask while they are within the facility.

COVID-19 Precautions

Staff Guidelines for COVID-19 Precautions at SCI-IVF

Our measures to prevent Covid-19 infection is not just directed towards our patients. Our staff too follows strict guidelines to ensure utmost safety within the facility:

  • Each day, our staff undergoes screening to ensure they are in the best health condition. This includes thermal screening and a checklist of Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Staff is directed to wear masks at all times and periodically sanitize themselves.
  • We use PPE kits when dealing intimately with patients. This includes surgeries and patients who can expose bodily fluids (like saliva, blood) to the staff.
  • In case of the unlikely event of exposure to infection by our staff, we follow the WHO guidelines issued for healthcare workers. We evaluate the exposure, perform tests, offer isolation & treatment, and ensure complete recovery before they can join the staff again.


Conclusion : COVID-19 Precautions at SCI-IVF Hospital

Our patients are always our priority, and so is their health. These are troubled times, and we understand the anguish in the hearts of our patients. But SCI-IVF promises its best efforts in maintaining our patients’ safety within the walls of our facility.


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