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Busting Myths About Pregnancy Through IVF Amid the Pandemic

It has been quite stressful for aspiring parents to grasp how Covid-19 vaccine may impact conception through IVF. Busting myths and resolving some vital queries on the same is Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, MBBS, MD obstetrics and gynaecology, DNB – medical genetics.


  • I should get vaccinated once my child is bom
  • The vaccine impacts my
  • chances of getting pregnant through IVF
  • There is a decline in the success rate of IVF amid the pandemic
  • The vaccine can cause an infection in the foetus

What is the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on IVF?

Initially, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers were excluded from vaccine study trials, generating fear among mothers-to-be. But once studies were conducted in the US on mRNA vaccines, no side effect was found in the child. Pregnancy shouldn’t be delayed if you’re not vaccinated yet. If you’re pregnant and recently got vaccinated, there is no risk of abnormalities or abortion. Taking the vaccine doesn’t hamper chances of conceiving through IVF.

Did pregnancy through IVF get impacted by Covid-19?

When the pandemic hit, there was an abrupt halt to IVF cycles. egg donors, surrogate mums, and an increase in frozen cycles. The worst impacted were aspiring mothers above 40, as treatment through IVF was on a break. But, as we had so many gametes and eggs frozen, when we resumed treatment a year ago, the first treatment done was for frozen embryo cycles. Success rates were similar to pre-pandemic times.

What is your advise to those considering IVF now?

If you’ve had Covid-19, wait for three months before you try to conceive through IVF. But, this gap isn’t needed if you’re getting vaccinated, as vaccine does not impact the IVF procedure. But remember, even after the vaccine, people get sick. So, don’t get lax. IVF clinics also have procedures in place to ensure safety. Clinics are restructured, patients have to sign a form stating they don’t have symptoms akin to Covid-19.

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