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Fertility Measures for Cancer Victims

Fertility Measures for Cancer Victims

A diagnosis of cancer is a difficult thing to face. It’s a journey full of uncertainty and fear. One of the biggest concerns for many patients is losing their ability to have children. But among all this chaos that comes with being diagnosed and planning treatments, there is still hope – fertility preservation. Today we are going explore what can be done to save fertility before undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy that might affect the reproductive system. 

Understanding the risks

First, understand why cancer treatments create such dangers for conceiving later in life. Although necessary for fighting off tumor cells, both chemical and radioactive elements used during cancer treatment target not only malignant but also healthy tissue, including reproductive organs that are responsible for creating new life. In simple terms, chemo destroys eggs while radiation affects the uterus (womb) as well as ovaries where eggs are produced thereby making women infertile. 

Cryopreservation: Symbol of Hope

Freezing eggs or sperm so that they can be kept until needed later is called cryopreservation. It is one popular method that fertility centers use to increase chances for couples to have kids after undergoing chemotherapy. Women who want to do this, undergo an ovarian stimulation cycle before starting treatment. Those collected during such process will be preserved by freezing them until ready to conceive. Men just need to go through sperm banking where samples are taken, and then processed before getting frozen. 

Embryo Freezing: A Good Option

Individuals with partners or those considering donor gametes may choose embryo freezing via in vitro fertilization (IVF). The procedure involves fertilizing eggs extracted from the body with sperm collected externally creating embryos that can then be stored until someone wishes to implant them into her uterus where they will develop like any other pregnancy would do.

This, not only saves both male and female gametes but also allows for genetic testing before transfer. It also reduces the chances of passing certain conditions genetically which could otherwise lead to severe health problems in the child through inheriting such genes. For the best IVF treatment package in Delhi, one should contact SCI IVF Hospital.They have the best doctor Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, nurses, and embryologists, to assist you from choosing the IVF packages in Delhito every step of your journey.

Making up one’s mind

When diagnosed with cancer deciding whether to undergo fertility preservation treatment or not can be difficult, especially considering the urgency required to start therapy. Factors like type or stage, prognosis, personal life, etc play significant roles when it comes to making this choice. Therefore, patients need to engage with their doctors in open conversation about the risks and benefits associated with each option available.

Conclusion: Giving Power Back to Patients

While suffering from such a devastating illness as cancer, every bit of hope counts much more than anything else. This is why we must strive to educate people concerning what is out there in terms of fertility-saving methods and even low cost fertility treatment in Delhi is there for people with financial boundaries.

SCI IVF Hospital offers various financing options, like loans, payment plans, and insurance coverage, to ease the financial burden. Let us ensure that everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer does not lose hope of having a child with appropriate support systems while going through treatment.

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