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Important Questions to Ask About Fertility

IVF Procedure

The comprehensive State of Fertility study found that 1 in 2 millennial women and men are postponing starting a family at the moment. Family planning is an important and life-altering choice, and it can occasionally be awkward to consider or discuss. But just like with any terrifying medical procedure, it’s crucial to address your discomfort head-on.

Your fertility is the same. If you are thinking of going for fertility treatment from top IVF doctors in Delhi, then make sure you ask several queries to your doctor to make a clear decision on your treatment.

Top Crucial Questions to Ask Your Best Fertility Doctor In Delhi

There are normally many forms to fill out during this initial visit, as well as medical questions to address. Don’t let the clinic run this initial appointment; this is your chance to ask inquiries and get as much information as you can to determine whether the infertility treatment hospital in India is a suitable fit for you.

  • What Kinds Of Therapies Do You Provide?

The best fertility doctor in Delhi provides conventional care, including egg donation, ICSI, IVF, and ovulation induction. Not all clinics offer PGS, treatment, and testing for natural killer cells or other specialized (and more costly) procedures. Inquire about their most recent service addition to get a sense of how progressive the hospital is, depending on how essential that is to you.

  • How Likely Are You To Become Pregnant?

Every low cost fertility clinic advertises its success rates somewhere, though some do so more publicly than others. Keep in mind that you are not a number. Consult your doctor about your potential success rate and the factors that may affect it. Use extreme caution while dealing with this percentage. It’s only a number; don’t be alarmed.

Additionally, remember that it is simply a number, and do not read too deeply into it or get your hopes up. There is a 5–50% probability that each IVF round may result in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, that is a big range with a lot of possibility for disappointment. Just keep in mind that resilient people like you frequently overcome obstacles.

  • What Are The Prices, Including Any Extra Or Hidden Fees?

The IVF treatment cost in Delhi for the particular treatment is the most evident charge. However, additional fees for medication, routine blood tests, and more scans are not included and can potentially increase that amount. So that you won’t be as astonished each time you are asked to spend for something, ask the doctor or the nurses what the highest prices you could anticipate while going through this are. Infertility’s economic toll can be depressing, but it does not have to be if you set realistic expectations from the start and are ready for what lies ahead.

  • Who Do I Speak With Regarding Common Inquiries?

You are more likely to communicate with nurses rather than doctors at larger clinics. Obtain their email addresses, contact information, and after-hours emergency contacts (if your clinic provides these; not all do) so you will know who to reach with any queries you may have about your cycle’s medication, scheduling, and symptoms.

  • What Extra Tests Are Now Required?

If you have lab tests from prior clinics, bring those in, as you can save some money. Typically, your clinic will want to perform all basic hormone testing (TSH, sperm analysis, Vitamin D,  progesterone on day 21) on its own.

Some pregnancy tests are required, while others are only important if you’ve had miscarriages or failed treatment cycles.


Whether you’ve just begun trying or have been trying for some time, you should take these factors into account when you begin the next phase of your IVF journey. You will feel so much more at ease during this journey, realizing that you are at the appropriate clinic and that the appropriate tests have been performed for you.

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