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Is it safe to do IVF treatment after recovery from covid19 infection?

Yes it is safe to go for IVF treatment post covid infection . you should wait till you have recovered completely and are no longer infectious and have been reviewed by your doctor. We know that Increasing age and increasing duration of infertility both have a negative impact on success rates for IVF treatment. So you should follow all the safety precautions and start your treatment. Always wear a mask keep social distance and frequently wash your hands and sanitise surfaces and objects like your mobile phone and bags.

If a person has been infected with covid 19 when can they start IVF treatment?

If you consider the above process, you can enjoy many benefits as mentioned below:

  • In a normally untreated cycle, the embryos made in the lab reach the uterus on the sixth day. So, one can say that it’s close to the normal implantation stage and ready to be implanted in the uterus. Thus, it increases the success rate drastically. Moreover, this process is more beneficial for cases that have suffered through repeated implantation failure. 
  • The process also helps to screen the embryo if there is any genetic abnormalities present. In the case, the embryo biopsy is carried on the second day after the embryo is allowed to grow. Finally, when the embryo seems normal, it is transferred successfully. As a result, only good-quality embryos is transferred in the IVF process. 

The process helps to identify that only a good quality embryo is chosen for the process. This is because only good embryos are able to survive the blastocyst development stage. Plus, it also makes single embryo transfer happen.

Should IVF be delayed after Covid19 vaccination?

There is no need to delay getting pregnant after covid 19 vaccination so you can go for IVF treatment immediately after or even during covid19 vaccination. As it is a dead virus it does not have any impact on fertility treatment. As per recent Government of India Guidelines vaccines are safe even during pregnancy and in the pre pregnancy period

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