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Myths and Facts About IVF You Should Know

Myths and Facts About IVF

Millions of couples have been helped through in vitro fertilization (IVF) to start the families of their desires. IVF is still misunderstood in many regions of the world despite the huge number of IVF success stories. You probably have heard some misunderstandings or myths about IVF treatment if you have begun IVF treatment or are preparing to undergo your first IVF cycle. In this article, we dispelled a few widespread myths about IVF explained by the top ivf centre in Delhi.

1. If I’m Covid positive during an IVF birth, I can’t breastfeed
Fact: You can, indeed. Although it has yet to be established that the virus can spread through milk, you should still take precaution.

2. IVF babies are fragile at birth
Fact: No, infants born by IVF are just as healthy as those born naturally.

3. You must be admitted into the hospital for IVF
Fact: During the egg collecting operations, which do not require an admission, IVF only takes a few hours.

4. The entire pregnancy should be spent in bed for IVF patients
Fact: Your health state has a significant impact on how much sleep your body needs. No medical professional will advise total bed rest. The process of incorporating the eggs in the womb requires some delicacy. In most cases, IVF is identical to a typical pregnancy.

5. The sole reason for IVF is female infertility
Fact: The biggest myth among us is that women only experience infertility. But it’s not accurate! The condition of infertility affects both men and women.

6. A baby delivered through in vitro fertilization has many defects
Fact: The congenital capabilities of newborns born by IVF and naturally conceived babies are identical.

7. Every IVF pregnancy results in a c-section birth
Fact: Similar to a natural pregnancy, an IVF pregnancy may require a C-section if certain issues emerge. The difficulties may resemble those of a spontaneous conception.

8. Always get twins from IVF
Fact: Although it is correct that twin births are frequently experienced during IVF therapy, it is also evident that elective solitary embryo transfer can be performed using cutting-edge ART procedures.

9. Only young couples can benefit from IVF
Fact: When used on older couples, IVF is less successful than when used on younger ones.

10. Obesity has no bearing on the success of IVF
Fact: Keeping a healthy weight is essential for IVF since it helps to balance your hormones according to the best ivf centre in Delhi NCR. An abrupt change in weight might also damage your fertility.

11. IVF ensures success beyond the initial cycle
Fact: The truth is that no couple is given this assurance. The success rate varies and is dependent on the centre and the best fertility doctor in Delhi that you select because each situation is different.

12. IVF clinics are the same everywhere
Fact: the best IVF treatment centre in Delhi stands apart due to its cutting-edge ART Labs and its board-certified physicians.

13. Cancer is caused by fertility medicines
Fact: There is no evidence that the fertility injections needed by certain IVF couples cause cancer.

14. Babies with severe horoscope compatibility flaws are born
Fact: There is no distinction between children born through IVF and children born naturally.

15. IVF therapy is expensive
Fact: infertility treatment cost depends on various therapies and condition. You can always ask your doctor for any query related to costing.

These are some prevalent IVF fallacies that required to be dispelled in order for your IVF process to go smoothly and successfully. You must now have a good understanding of the benefits of IVF after reading these IVF misconceptions and truths.

Therefore, visit the best fertility doctor in Delhi, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour and get your treatment done from SCI IVF Hospital.

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