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Simple Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Simple Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Both men and women may experience feelings of excitement and tension throughout the process of trying to conceive. While pregnancy comes easily for some, it might take a long time for others. You may take several easy steps to increase your fertility, whether this is your first kid or your tenth. Here are some suggestions provided by the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR for both men and women that may increase their fertility.

Quit smoking

Both men and women have diminished fertility as a result of smoking. Your fertility will increase if you quit smoking right away. Smoking during pregnancy has also been linked to DNA damage. Smoking is the single most modifiable risk factor for maternal problems during pregnancy.

Start consuming folic acid right away

For optimum protection against neural tube abnormalities, folic acid levels in the mother should be maintained throughout the pregnancy. Start taking folic acid two months before discontinuing contraception since many women get pregnant within a month of trying. You should take a folic acid supplement daily for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Have appropriate diet 

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet may boost fertility. Vegetable proteins like lentils and beans, as well as whole grains, are among the healthiest options.

A mother’s nutrition before and throughout pregnancy may significantly impact her unborn child’s growth and development and the child’s long-term health. Pregnancy-safe diets are the same as healthy diets in general.

If you have a medical condition like diabetes that necessitates dietary restrictions or other nutritional adjustments, seeing a nutritionist at the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR might be helpful.

Lessen your caffeine consumption

Consuming high levels of caffeine when attempting to conceive has been linked to an increased chance of miscarriage. According to the findings, this is true for both sexes. It has also been established that consuming too much caffeine during pregnancy is bad for the fetus. The two of you, if trying to conceive, should probably cut your daily coffee consumption down to 200mg.

Keep your weight in check

If your weight is healthy for your height, you may use your BMI (Body Mass Index). Preconception BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9.

A high BMI (above 25) is associated with decreased fertility and an increased risk of pregnancy problems. Male infertility may be negatively impacted by the man’s being overweight.

A low BMI (18.5 or below) has been linked to decreased fertility and increased risk of complications during pregnancy. Putting on weight healthily and gradually could be beneficial. Deficiency in body mass may occur for a variety of causes.

Maintain an active lifestyle

In addition to improving your fertility with appropriate fertility treatment costs in Delhi, exercising moderate exercise regularly before and after trying to conceive is good for you and your kid. Women who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle are more likely to produce active children.

Quit consuming alcohol

Regularly consuming alcohol at or beyond the guidelines for safe intake is considered excessive or binge drinking. Overconsumption of alcohol has been related to decreased fertility in both genders. The risk of problems during pregnancy is higher if alcohol is used.


The health of your body and reproductive system and your ability to conceive is directly tied to the quality of the food you eat. Fertility may increase, and the body can be better prepared for pregnancy by eating well and adopting other healthy habits.

Adopting a healthy diet and way of life is crucial when attempting to conceive. To determine the best options and fertility treatment costs in Delhi for you, consult the doctors at SCI IVF Hospital. Don’t allow anxiety and concern to get you down.

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