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Testimonial from a Delighted Parent

Hello Dr. Shivani,

I would like to thank you and your whole team of SCI for giving me a
true joy of life that I can’t explain in words.

Your highly professional staff is extremely caring, sensitive and
supportive. They treat every patient as someone truly special.
Doctors give us the fullest attention and offer us the best and most
suitable medical advice we deserve.

Dr. Shivani, Dr. Smita and Dr. Sujata I always pray to god for your
prosperous and health.  You always all May live long stay fit and
healthy and give your best services to your patients.

Thanks by heart

Mrs. Roshni


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Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment

Altruistic Surrogacy Treatment is Legal in India.

Eligible Intended Parents have successfully got legal permissions to do surrogacy treatment with willing altruistic Intended surrogate mother.

To do your surrogacy treatment legally, please contact us or whatsapp at 9267937367.

Please visit https://www.indiacode.nic.in/handle/123456789/17046 to understand the legal process for doing surrogacy in India.

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