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Thanking Letter to SCI Hospital


Dr. Shivani (Special Thanks)




Me, My Wife, and My daughter are glad to come to this Hospital “SCI IVF Hospital”. Thank u for everything you did for our Small family. Thank you Dr. Shivani for completing our family. In our family, you just came like God so really thank you for your support. I want to thanks Dr.Sujata also because she is so caring and supportive, so really thanks to you. Dr.Smita thanks to u also you are such a caring and inspiring person or doctor for us, thanks for your efforts and concern. I am really thanks to the three of you from the core of my heart u were such a support for us. So, thank u so…. much. The staff was also very nice and good with us and one of them was Ms.RachnaSengar. She was really nice girl by nature and behavior. Thanks to all staff for their concern. We are really blessed by God to have your type of Doctor. The Special thing for me is that because of u my Daughter is really happy after this treatment. She is really thankful to you because her dream has come true finally after many years. So, my daughter is really thankful to you. I have not enough words to say u thanks, it is really not enough to describe my happiness. So, it’s just ….. 🙂

Thank you….


Ompal Singh

Rani Singh

Taruna Singh

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