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5 Ways to Boost Your Chances of Conceiving Through IVF


IVF education is vital for couples who want the highest possibility of having a baby via IVF. It might be tough to have a kid if you are experiencing trouble conceiving. Infertility has put a lot of strain on many relationships, especially those with long-term partners. You may ask whether you can do anything to increase your chances of becoming pregnant throughout your IVF process.

Ways to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

If you want to double your chances of having a baby, here are five things you can do.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great method to de-stress and a great way to get some exercise at the same time. If you’re attempting to conceive and want to increase your fertility, fertility yoga may help. Also, it’s an excellent technique to get your body ready for pregnancy in the future. Many women’s IVF journeys in the IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi have been made easier emotionally because of yoga’s stress-relieving effects. Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and increases your chances of having a successful pregnancy. Additionally, by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and the pelvic region, certain yoga asanas and postures benefit the health of these organs.

Maintain a normal blood sugar level

Women who have high blood sugar and insulin resistance may have difficulty ovulating, as well as erratic menstrual periods. Even if a woman has no prior history of diabetes or high blood sugar, she must constantly control and monitor her blood sugar levels if she plans to get pregnant via IVF or after undergoing IVF therapy in SCI IVF Hospital. Because high blood sugar levels might have detrimental consequences on the foetus, this is the reason. Pregnancy problems might occur if the baby is heavier than usual or if there is an excess of fluid surrounding the baby. It’s possible that babies delivered despite these difficulties would have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels after delivery, necessitating their admission to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Consume nutritious foods

Maintaining a healthy weight and nutrition is essential before beginning reproductive therapy. As a result of obesity (BMI >35) and being underweight (BMI 19), infertility rates are significantly reduced. Being overweight makes it more difficult to find the ovaries during an IVF treatment, enhancing the chance of problems. The best method to go with fertility treatments and get better outcomes is to change your diet and physical activity and work with professionals. 

Practice right acupuncture

Increased uterine blood flow and reduced blood flow impedance are two of the distinctive advantages of acupuncture for IVF operations and the success rate over 40. Infertility may be treated with acupuncture sites such as Guanyuan (CV4), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Zhongji (CV3), and Zigong (EX-CA1). There are many ways in which women’s fertility is affected by acupuncture. One is via enhancing implantation circumstances and stimulating -endorphin production, leading to increased steroid and gonadotropin secretion. Acupuncture enhances the likelihood of pregnancy when given on the day of embryo transfer.

Get plenty of rest

Both spontaneous and aided conception rates may be affected by stress in the body. One of the most challenging things for a couple to do while undergoing IVF in top IVF centre in Delhi is lowering their stress levels. More than one study has connected better pregnancy outcomes to acupuncture and other stress-relieving methods, such as stress reduction, enrollment in mind-body programmes, and resilience seminars.


You may indeed increase your chances of conceiving with IVF in various ways. There are many elements of IVF covered in length on the preceding page, but you are also encouraged to be practical in your approach.

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