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IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi

IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi is in demand, as per the estimation 3 out of 10 couples suffer from infertility in Delhi and adjoining areas.

What is Infertility & Why IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi?

IVF Treatment Centre in DelhiOne of the major survival instincts that all of the living creatures in this world possess is procreating. However, sometimes not everyone is fortunate enough to give birth naturally and in the current day and age of technology, due to changing lifestyles and habits, such conditions are only increasing. The inconsistent food habit and the polluted air contributing their fair share to increasing infertility among couples.

The chances of infertility among couples are also rising due to increased work stress, a very hectic fast, and furious urban lifestyle, and environmental toxins.

Fortunately, infertility can be treated and advancements in the field of IVF (In-vitro-Fertilization) have become a boon for those seeking to have a young one of their own.

Why IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi?

IVF (In-vitro-Fertilization) is a well-known and accepted treatment to treat infertility among couples. In-Vitro translates to “outside the body”, indicating that the whole procedure of fertilization takes place outside the body since the body appears to be incapable of producing a favorable environment for the fertilization to take place on its own.

In simpler terms, IVF treatment is aimed at assisting the procedure of fertilization by extracting the egg (ovary) from the female and the sperm from the male. The extracted egg and sperm are united in a very controlled and favorable environment in either a petri-dish or a test tube under stringent supervision to ensure a very high chance of success.

Once the fertilization takes place, the union of egg and sperm pave way for the formation of an embryo. After around 3 to 5 days, once the embryo has reached sufficient development, it is obtained from the test tube and carefully transferred into the woman’s uterus. The embryo is expected to implant itself in the uterine lining and mature into the later stages. 

Is IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi Safe?

The first successful IVF Treatment was performed in 1977, since then the world has been home to more than 7 million babies born out of this boon of a procedure. IVF Treatment is considered a relativity safe and successful treatment. However, on rare occasions, complications have been observed and documented. It should be noted that technology has come a very long way and the standardization of IVF Treatment ensures that complications and risks are mitigated quite early on during the course of treatment

What about the baby?

IVF Treatment Centre in DelhiNow that we have addressed the safety of the procedure itself, the next big question that comes to mind is about the well-being of the baby. The couple who opt to go for IVF treatments is generally tormented by numerous questions and insecurities pertaining to the overall health of the resulting baby.

They are also almost always concerned about the cognitive development of the baby and if it will be able to perform tasks like any normal baby would be able to. The questions are also related to how the mother will be affected by such a procedure and how different an IVF procedure would be compared to a natural conception.

In conjunction with all these concerns, couples are also curious to know if IVF can result in natural deliveries or will it require medical intervention just the process of conception itself.

While all of these questions and concerns are extremely reasonable, the current development in the IVF treatments has negated most of the factors and it has become an extreme oddity for a newborn to be affected by cognitive disorders. In fact, the percentage of babies born with cognitive developmental disorders through the IVF treatments is no higher than the ones born from natural conceptions.

What are the possible risks in IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi?

IVF treatments have the potential to lead to multiple pregnancies, and if something like that occurs, there is an increased risk of preterm delivery and low birth weight infant compared to singleton pregnancies. To negate problems like these, the current procedures used are focused on single embryo transfer to ensure that there is only one live birth thereby eliminating any possibility of multiple pregnancies.

IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi

IVF Treatments in Delhi have witnessed a sizeable increase in the number of couples opting for the treatment in recent years. Such an increase has led to the rise of the IVF centers around multiple places in Delhi. While the rise of IVF treatment centers in Delhi might be a boon, there are some aspects about the treatment centers which should be primarily considered before picking one.

What to look for before opting for an IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi

IVF Treatment Centre in DelhiBefore opting for an IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi, it is important to look into the success rates of the centers providing these treatments. While there is a small degree of chance that a particular center may exaggerate its success rate, hence it is recommended to verify the success rates of the IVF centers in Delhi with reputable sources. The feedback from patients would also be of immense use in deciding which center to opt for and initiate the treatment.

The portfolio of medical experts, an IVF center can offer should also be considered as an important factor since adequate knowledge and experience in the field is most crucial in ensuring correct treatment in a timely manner and avoiding unnecessary complications. Timing is also key and ensuring that the clinic always focuses on maintaining a schedule can be a very easy way of splitting the good ones from the mediocre ones.

While assessing the Success rate and Medical expertise of an IVF Treatment in a Delhi clinic, it is also important to place an emphasis on the cost of the treatment. The cost of the treatment is individualized as every couple is different and their fertility issue is also different.

There are clinics that IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi that cost much lower than the majority of other clinics and their portfolio might appear promising as well. However, it is important for a couple to verify the success rate and the medical expertise of the said clinic with some reputable sources before taking the plunge. While the cost is an extremely important factor, it shouldn’t be a deciding one when lives are at stake.

For couples looking to get treated in a good hospital with a proven track record, SCI IVF Hospital looks like a fantastic value proposition. The hospital is committed to delivering high success rates while still being affordable.

IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi

IVF Treatment Centre in DelhiSCI IVF Hospital is one of the few reputable IVF treatment centers in Delhi. The center has consistently produced excellent results with its IVF treatments and is renowned for its high success rate. SCI IVF Centre is located at Kailash Colony in South Delhi and took its first step into the industry in 2011. It has since been a birthing place to over 1200 babies who were conceived with the help of advanced IVF treatments to couples suffering from infertility.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour is the founder and director of the SCI IVF Healthcare Centre, she also serves as a Healthcare and consultant fertility specialist. She completed her specialty training and graduation in Gynaecology and Obstetrics from Mumbai and was trained in IVF treatments for fro four years in the UK at Hammersmith Hospital situated in London and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh situated in Scotland. Collectively she has practiced as an obstetrician and gynecologist, and as an infertility specialist for over 12 years. Her immense experience and knowledge in the field are directly fed into the core morals and philosophies of the SCI IVF hospital.

The hospital is also home to a large team of doctors, medical professionals, lawyers, and support staff who are always available to assist the patient in every way possible to ensure their comfort and peace of mind. The Hospital is also extremely transparent about its operations and procedures, it has even gone so far as to publish all the certification and accreditation it has received on its official website.


Facilities and Services offered by SCI IVF Hospital & IVF Treatment Centre in DelhiIVF Treatment Centre in Delhi

SCI IVF Centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology in infrastructure and IVF treatments to provide a comprehensive fertility service to both male and female patients. The hospital is also ISO 9001:2008 accredited and follows the strict guidelines and policies of the Indian government.

All the procedures and treatments offered by SCI IVF Centre are standardized and adhere to the protocols laid down by ICSI to ensure compatibility with the rest of the advanced IVF treatment centers. This also ensures that the couples opting to continue an already undergoing treatment from a different hospital can make a seamless transition into the SCI IVF Centre.


SCI IVF Hospital offers a comprehensive list of services to treat infertility and here is a list of what the center offers:

  • IVF / ICSI Treatment

This treatment is focused on the procedure by which an egg is fertilized outside the body by the sperm as is considered a classic IVF treatment. The procedure involves the use of fertility hormones in order to stimulate the woman’s ovaries to produce healthy eggs which will be used for the IVF treatment. The eggs are then removed under stringent monitoring and under the influence of an anesthetic to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. The removed egg is fertilized with the partner sperms and the resulting embryo is cultured for 2 to 6 days in a controlled environment and transferred to the patient’s uterus to establish successful implantation and thereby ensuring that the patient is successfully impregnated with the baby.

  • Male Infertility           

Male Infertility is the underlying problem in about 30 – 40 percent of couples suffering from the inability to conceive. Male infertility can be caused by a number of factors ranging from immobile sperm, low count/ sluggish sperm, misshapen sperm, or even blockage within the male genitalia that prevent the delivery of sperm. Injuries, chronic health problems, illness, or even lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on male fertility. SCI IVF offers treatments focussed on comprehensively analyzing the type of infertility and targeting the recovery of the damaged factor.

  • Ovarian Induction

This procedure involves using injections/ tablets to stimulate the ovaries which produce “follicles”. These follicles would then contain the supposed healthy egg. The eggs are kept under constant supervision and triggered at the appropriate time with the help of a trigger injection which would then release the eggs. This type of ovarian induction maximizes the chances of getting pregnant by focussing on ensuring that the eggs required for fertilization are available to the sperm at the right time. This assisted approach is used in couples who find it difficult to conceive, but appear to be quite healthy otherwise.

  • Laser-Assisted Hatching

This procedure is primarily focused on women over 35 years of age and in the case of frozen embryos. Sometimes when IVF/ ICSI treatments fail repeatedly, the procedure can be augmented with the use of a Laser Assisted Hatching. The procedure focuses on drilling a small hole in the shell of the embryo to better aid its expulsion and thereby impregnating.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

This method is one of the widely used assisted conception procedures in India. The procedure focuses on obtaining the sperm from the male and preparing it. The sperm is then directly placed in the uterus around the time when the ovary releases one or more eggs. This maximizes the chances of fertilization and therefore conception. The simplicity of the procedure is only complemented by its success rate which is usually very high.

  • Blastocyst culture

This procedure is centered around enhancing the implantation potential of an embryo. The embryos are initially cultured in a special fluid medium under controlled conditions for around 5 to 6 days. Once the embryo reaches a stage where it comprises at least 200 to 300 cells, it is considered a robust embryo. This robust embryo is then transferred into the uterus for implantation. The success rate of this procedure is high owing to the high implantation potential of the cultured robust embryo.

  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval

In certain men, the main cause of infertility is the lack of adequate sperm in the ejaculate. While these men can produce enough sperm in the testes, due to certain medical conditions, their ejaculate does not seem to carry these sperms over. In such a scenario, these produced sperms are collected by surgical sperm retrieval techniques and used for insemination. This technique is also used for people who suffer a failed vasectomy reversal, giving them an option to procreate.

  • Embryo Biopsy for PCD\ PGD

This procedure is focused on retrieving single or multiple cells from a human embryo. The removed cells are then sent for genetic analysis. However, this procedure strictly only offers screening for genetic disorders in the embryo and does not reveal the sex of the infant, since sex selection is banned in India. This technique is used in conjunction with IVF treatment to ensure that the newborn is free of any potential genetic disorders.

  • Frozen Embryo Transfer

The excess embryo retrieved from an IVF/ ICSI cycle can be frozen in liquid nitrogen at negative 196 degrees. The frozen embryos can serve as a good backup plan in case the first session of IVF treatment fails. It can also be used if the parents are keen on a sibling at a later point in time. The freezing of these embryos is performed by the new/ fast freeze or vitrification technique in SCI IVF Hospital.

  • Egg Donation
    Egg donation is the procedure where an egg from a healthy young fertile woman is used to create an embryo for another woman who has poor quality eggs or an ovarian failure.

Is there any silver lining in opting for the IVF treatment Centre in Delhi?

Yes, there is a silver lining to the IVF treatment compared to natural conception and it’s a big one. IVF treatments can include a screening of genetic disorders to identify if the selected embryo or sperm contains a potential disorder. While such a screening is not mandatorily performed, it can be requested by the couples or prescribed by the doctor. Such a screening is generally recommended if any disorder is identified in the lineage of either of the parents such as muscular dystrophy or cystic fibrosis. The screening procedure is known as Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD for short. PGD is also a very effective way to ensure that the conceived baby will not carry the potential disorder.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening or PGS is yet another effective procedure used to ensure a high success rate for IVF treatments. PGS mainly increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. PGS is focused on screening embryos for chromosomal disorders. Hospitals like SCI IVF in Delhi are adequately equipped with the infrastructure and expertise to carry out these intricate procedures. The specialists of these hospitals are also generally quite approachable and give them much-needed assurance and comfort to the couples.

Am I ready for IVF?

While the type of infertility between a couple can be assessed by physical analysis to ensure that IVF treatments can help them, the emotional state of a couple can only be assessed by themselves. From a strictly physical standpoint, if the embryo and sperm of the couple are healthy and the body of the female can sustain and carry out a pregnancy, she is ready for IVF treatment.

But from an emotional standpoint, it is solely at the discretion of the couples. But nevertheless, the hope and happiness IVF brings along with it to offer to the couples who through a period of unhappiness and despair cannot be disregarded. IVF treatments help couples experience the joy of parenthood.

In case you require any further information on infertility and its various treatments. Please let us know, We would be glad to answer your queries.

For further authority on this information please find enclosed some of the panel discussions at NDTV, RajyaSabha, and Testimonials from patients.

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