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Various Options of IVF Treatments for Infertility Problems

IVF Treatment

Are you unable to get pregnant even after trying for a year? There are many couples facing the same problem. However, infertility problems can be treated today give the advancement in science. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the popularly known method that helps couples to successfully start a family. Before you start your IVF treatment centre in Delhi, there are range of options available that you should know about.


In Vitro Fertilisation types And Their Cost

During the process of IVF, a range of complicated steps are followed to serve as a solution for infertility problems or keep any genetic disorder from passing to the child. In vitro translates as in glass from Latin, thus, in vitro fertilizations can be defined as the process of where the fertilization is completed in the laboratory.


The fertility specialist will collect an egg or multiple eggs from your ovary and collect a sample of semen for sperm. The egg is later fertilized using a healthy sperm. When the egg is fertilized, it is placed in your womb. This assisted reproduction is a safer option and has numerous infertile couples and women over the age of 40.


Additionally, this treatment has been able to help women with fallopian tubes that are sterilised, damaged or blocked. For males with low quality sperm, damaged sperm, or lower sperm count can utilize this IVF treatment centre in Delhi. There are a range of factors that define how much an IVF treatment will cost along with many other additional costs.


IVF + FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

Mostly utilised to test the embryo for any genetic abnormality or when females do not want to use birth control. Frozen embryo transfer cryopreserves the embryos or freezes them for implantation into the uterus in the future. If you are planning to delay your pregnancy, you can use this option.


The success rate will depend on the age you are getting the process done. It is preferred to get the treatment before or around 35 years of age as there is a higher chance of getting pregnant. The chances decline for women around or more than 40 years of age. This IVF treatment costs around INR 40K to 70K in India.


ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

When males face severe infertility, they can utilize this type of IVF treatment. When the sperm is unable to fertilize egg by naturally entering from the outer layer to the cytoplasm of the egg, ICSI aids in completing this task. This could be due to the out layer being too thick or poor quality of sperm.


Further, in situations when number of sperms are insufficient, do not swim normally, or abnormally shaped sperm, this method can be used. It will utilize the micropipette, a needle, to insert the egg with a sperm. The best IVF treatment centre in Delhi providing this method will costs between INR 70K and 3 Lakh.


Natural IVF

It is a cos-effective assisted reproduction method that does not use any stimulation drugs, hence the name natural IVF. In this process numerous eggs are artificially retrieved from the female patient and can be used to create a range of embryos. Thus, this method has a higher success rate and can be performed one cycle after another.


This option can benefit individuals whose body responds adversely to fertility drugs or women in their reproductive years have low number of primordial follicles in their ovaries. Women with tubal problems can utilize this method. You can find yourself the best IVF treatment centre in Delhi for this procedure at the cost of approximately INR 50K.



IVF treatment has helped numerous couples in getting pregnant. Although the age is a big factor in the success rate of this method, you can choose the best suitable method for yourself. Other than the ones discussed above there are IVF + eSET, donor sperm IVF, and donor egg IVF. The cost of these procedures can vary based on numerous factors.

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