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Egg Freezing Gives Women Freedom to Start Their Family When They’re Ready

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Any woman who is thinking about post poning pregnancy can visit an IVF clinic to find out if you are eligible for this procedure. Pre investigations include blood tests and ultrasound scans and Counselling. The procedure starts on the second day of the period when hormonal injections called gonadotrophins are started to stimulate the ovaries for approximately 12 days and once the ovarian follicles are mature then the eggs are retrieved by doing a small procedure under anesthesia. The woman is discharged from the hospital within few hours of the procedure. The eggs are frozen using a technique known as vitrification or flash freezing.

3 myths associated with Egg freezing

Myth 1: I can do it at any age – Success rates are directly proportional to the woman’s age at egg freezing. A survey has shown that there is lack of awareness about biological clock and a feeling that if you eat healthy and stay fit and look younger than your fertility will be equally good in your forties.

Myth 2: You need to be married or have a partner to freeze eggs- It is not necessary to be married to freeze your eggs.

Myth 3: Egg quality gets affected in freezing/ Eggs get damaged during Freezing/Babies born after egg freezing are unhealthy- These claims are untrue as with the new flash freezing techniques and laboratory provisions egg quality and success is maintained and babies are born comparable to natural process of pregnancy.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

M.D. DNB M.R.C.O.G. (UK) Director, SCI IVF Hospital Fertility Specialist & Gynecologist

Services: Ovulation Induction, Follicular Monitoring, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), IVF/ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Blastocyst Culture, Embryo Biopsy for PGS/PGD, Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESA | PESA | Micro TESE), Frozen Embryo Transfer, Egg & Semen Donation, Egg Freezing, Male Infertility

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