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Finding the Right Medical Professional to Help with Your Infertility Issues

Infertility Doctors to Overcome Fertility Problems

For some couples, infertility presents a significant obstacle to starting a family. In reality, infertility affects 15% of couples worldwide, or around 48.5 million couples, according to research published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology. Depending on their circumstances, couples may attempt to conceive for months or even years before seeking medical help.

Couples should have access to knowledgeable infertility specialists in Delhi with whom they may discuss their issues and get guidance for moving forward. Listed below are five doctors that may be able to assist in the treatment of infertility:


The inability to match sexual activity with the ovulation day is a prevalent cause of infertility. A gynecologist is in the best position to guide this matter while initiating the first steps of the female partner’s infertility examination.

The infertile couple’s menstrual history may be the first step in this process, followed by diagnostic testing to rule out anatomical abnormalities as a possible cause of their inability to conceive.

The gynecologist will use the findings to determine the best course of action, whether fertility-enhancing medicine or surgical treatment, to help the couple conceive. If they don’t work, the gynecologist may suggest seeing a fertility expert for a more thorough examination of the couple’s infertility.


Andrologists are a subset of urologists who focus on male infertility specifically. According to Science Direct, andrologists have the education and experience to diagnose and treat male infertility caused by factors including low sperm count and aberrant sperm characteristics.

Andrologists are trained and the best male infertility specialist in Delhi to diagnose and treat male infertility caused by a variety of reasons, including but not limited to reproductive infections, testicular torsion, undescended testes, and erectile dysfunction.

Reproductive Immunologists

It’s clear from the name that a reproductive immunologist has studied reproductive medicine and immunology. Multiple miscarriages, unsuccessful IVF attempts, or unexplained infertility are common reasons for seeking the best fertility clinic in Delhi. Immune-mediated infertility is their specialty, and they regularly treat conditions like Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, which causes many miscarriages. 

Nurse practitioners

You might also consult with other doctors and nurses in the best IVF centre in India with specialized reproductive treatment expertise. Nurse practitioners with a Ph.D. who have completed further training in family medicine may be sought by female patients.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNS)-level nurses have the expertise to manage teams and offer fertility treatments. These include easing the mental and emotional burden of infertile couples and managing the early course of therapy.

In addition to aiding in diagnostics and treatment, nurses with a DNS may provide couples emotional and practical assistance as they work toward their reproductive goals.

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Hormone-related infertility is best treated by a reproductive endocrinologist, a subspecialist in gynecology. According to the Endocrine Society, healthy hormone levels are required for ovulation and pregnancy maintenance.

To guarantee that the hormonal environment is conducive to carrying a baby to term, these experts conduct tests, execute medical procedures, evaluate data, provide therapies, and prescribe drugs, if required.


If you and your spouse have been trying to conceive for a while but haven’t been successful, you should be checked out by the best IVF doctor in Delhi to see if there’s a problem with your fertility. Many couples who desire children go through an emotionally trying period when they experience infertility.

Due to the severity of the illness, infertility is prevalent and may develop. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour has assisted several infertile couples in determining the root of their problem and receiving therapy, allowing them to establish or grow their families finally.

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