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How Much Does IVF Cost? A Detailed Overview

The distinguished treatment process will require several amounts, and it will depend on a lot of factors. This is the same for the treatment of IVF as well. IVF treatment is a complex and sensitive one, so, you need to know the cost of this treatment as well. Before you will go ahead and obtain this process, the cost and the factors that will affect the cost will let you decide your budget as well. It is really important for you to know the IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi and all the factors that will affect that too.

IVF Package in Delhi

Based on the package and the items that will be included in that package, the cost of this treatment will be decided. Though ideally, it might cost you somewhere between 25,000 to 3,00,000. So, you need to make sure about your budget, and then you will be able to choose the most perfect clinic for you, and you will get the perfect treatment within that cost as well. Once you will decide to go for this, you will have to know all the factors that might increase the cost of the treatment.

If you are just having no particular issue that conceiving, then you will just have to spend the basic amount, and the doctor will do the IVF process or IUI treatment. You will be able to conceive with the help of that itself. There are a lot of other scenarios where the amount will increase as well. You can even go to a Low Cost Fertility Treatment center for your infertility treatment.

  • Male Infertility

There might be an issue with the male partner, and the doctor will require to make that treatment at first. That can be anything, and you might even require surgery as well to get the sperm. Then it is quite natural that the cost will increase with this treatment.

  • Female Infertility

This is another scenario, where the female partner is not able to produce healthy eggs or can’t conceive naturally. There might be a lot of reasons for that. Then there will be some other processes of the treatment. In this case, also, the cost of the treatment will increase.

  • Age Of the Partners

If both or any of the partners are elder than normal reproductive age, then the treatment process will definitely become a complex one. The doctor will need to treat the elderly partner differently, and there will be some additional processes as well. At this time, the treatment will not be basic, so, you need to spend more amount for that.

  • Donor

You might require sperm, egg, or even embryos in times with some in capabilities. Infertility Clinic in Delhi will definitely have this option, and you will be able to get that as you require. So, you will be able to get that with some extra cost as well.

  • Surrogacy

This is the costliest option, where you need to know that you will have to go ahead and pay a lot of amounts. There are situations, where the woman is not able to carry a baby, or doesn’t want to carry a baby. Then you can go for this option, where you will transfer the blastocyst to the womb of another woman, and she will be the surrogated mother. You will have to spend all the costs for that woman as well.


If you are looking for some of the affordable fertility treatment in Delhi with a great success rate, then you can contact SCI IVF Hospital for sure. You will be getting the perfect assessment at the perfect cost. Also, you will be getting successful treatment with all the other facilities that you will require as well.

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