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How Does Frozen Embryo Transfer Procedure Work

Frozen Embryo Transfer Procedure Work

While you will look for IVF treatments you will need to go through several steps. Frozen Embryo transfer is one of those where the doctor or embryologist will transfer the embryo to the ovary. This is almost at the advanced stage of the treatment and after that, there will be the final step left out. Also, you need to know that this process is a vital one where you need to make sure, that the embryo has been transferred perfectly. The fertility clinic in Delhi that you will choose will definitely have this feature.

Why You Might Require this

There are plenty of cases where you will be able to conceive successfully, then you will require another cycle of treatment. Here comes the process of frozen embryo transfer. Once you will require another cycle, it might take a long time to complete the whole cycle. Also, that will include all the steps as well, and the cost will also increase. At this stage when you might require another cycle or another chance, then you can skip all the steps and directly jump to this step. Where you will be getting the frozen embryo itself.

How The Process Will Work

Once you will go through the IVF cycle there will be various embryos that will be there in a blastocyte phase. The best fertility centre in Delhi will allow you to preserve those embryos at a specific temperature. This will make the embryos frozen, and that will be stored for a long time.

If the first cycle will fail, you will not be able to conceive at that time, you need to go ahead and look for another chance. If you will keep some frozen embryos, then you don’t need to go through the complete process and the cycle itself. You will just need to go ahead and make sure that you will be able to get a frozen embryo itself. That will make the process speed up, and you will not require to go through the complete process itself.

The Transfer Process of Frozen Embryo

After a successful transfer to the IVF Treatment Centre in Delhi will store the embryo at a specific freezing temperature. So, it will not be possible to transfer that directly. That is why the embryologist will thaw that embryo at first. Then he or she will start transferring the embryo to the uterus of the mother.

This whole process will take around 15 to 20 minutes. First, the embryologist will thaw the frozen embryo, then he or she will transfer it to a catheter with a bit of fluid. Once done, it will be connected to the uterus, and then the nurse will transfer it to the uterus. Once done, the doctor or the embryologist will check the catheter under a microscope to make sure that the transfer process is successful.

Once done, you need to wait for around 2 weeks, then you will be able to go ahead for the pregnancy test and get the result. So, basically, with the help of this one, you will be able to save a lot of time and this is perfect to save embryos for later.


There are a lot of cases that you might face during the IVF treatment circle, and you need to be sure and ready for the worst. Though not being able to conceive is not even a bad scenario itself, and this is a common one. That is why you need to contact the IVF Centre in Delhi like SCI IVF Hospital where you will be able to get this option to make the treatment process more effective as well.

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