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Fertility Treatment and Things to Avoid

Fertility Treatment and Things to Avoid

Once you will go through any treatment process, you will need to go ahead and know that there are some things that you need to avoid. Based on the issues and treatment these things get changed. So, there are some of those for fertility treatment as well. You will need to avoid various things once you will undergo fertility treatment under any of the IVF doctors in Delhi. These things will help you to go ahead and get a perfect treatment time with a great chance to have success in that process. So, it is really necessary for you to maintain all these things.


  • Exercise

Though this is a really good option for all the people all the time. Still, once you will go ahead with Fertility treatment, then you need to know that you are not allowed to perform all the exercises at this time. You will be allowed to do some exercises to keep your body fit, but not any heavy exercises. For this, you need to consult your doctor, and you can always consult Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour for this.


  • Traveling

This also goes as the same, and you are allowed to go for small travels but not any kind of long journeys or some travels where more physical activities will be there. You can’t do trekking or long hiking at this time.


  • Mental Stress

Mental Stress is really harmful at this time, so, you need to make sure that, you will not be in any situation which might cause a lot of mental stress to you. This will help you to go ahead and have a better chance with the success. Once you will choose one or some of the best IVF centre in Delhi you might get support for this as well.


  • Food And Diet

This is one of the most important factors that you need to know and decide about. You will have to go ahead and make sure that you know your perfect diet plan and also have food according to that.


There are a lot of food items that you are not able to have and some of those are

  • Any forms of raw egg, and that will include mayonnaise, biscuit creams, and so on
  • You need to avoid any kind of artificial sweeteners
  • Smoking, and consuming alcohol is also out of word at this time
  • You need to take control of your caffeine consumption as well
  • Cheese will also come on the list that you need to go ahead and avoid


Wight Loss Program

While you are going through fertility treatment, you need to know that the weight loss program will not be beneficial at all. You might face some other issues due to that, and also during this time, you might go through a lot of pressure as well. So, might also make you a bit more problematic with that weight loss.


Neglect any issues

This is a big no during this period, and you need to take care of all the single issues and symptoms. If needed you should go ahead and see a doctor immediately at that time. This will help you a lot to have good health.



Hope that you have got to know about some of the things that you shouldn’t do due to Fertility treatment. Also, this is really important to go ahead and contact one of the best fertility centres in Delhi and that can be SCI IVF Hospital too. Then you will also be getting to know about your personalized diet and regular plan as well. This will even help you more at that time. Know the IVF Package in Delhi NCR

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