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Know About is Advantages and Disadvantages of ICSI Treatment

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICSI Treatment

ICSI is a kind of in vitro fertilization (IVF) employed to treat severe instances of male-factor infertility. A single sperm is directly injected into a mature egg during ICSI therapy. ICSI is injecting the sperm cell into the egg’s cytoplasm. This procedure is carried out in SCI IVF Hospital, the best IVF centre in Delhi, concurrently with IVF, in which the partner’s sperm and the woman’s eggs are combined following the appropriate stimulation.


Why is ICSI performed?


ICSI is often used for severe male infertility, which includes:

  • Oligospermia or a low sperm count
  • Teratozoospermia or irregular sperm function
  • Asthenozoospermia or poor sperm motility


A man is supplying sperm, yet there is no sperm in his ejaculate. It makes sense to remove the sperm from the testicles or retrieve them by TESE. ICSI treatment centre in Delhi must be used when TESE retrieves sperm. The technique is also used when the sperm is returned from the man’s urine or when he is performing retrograde ejaculation.


How is ICSI Treatment Conducted?

In the top IVF centre in Delhi, you will be given fertility medications, similar to regular IVF therapy, to encourage the development of multiple mature eggs for fertilization in your ovaries. The eggs are either utilized right away or refrigerated and used later. When your eggs are ready to be collected, a quick outpatient technique will be used to extract them.


Meanwhile, sperm is extracted from the male partner’s semen sample. These sperms are cleaned, and the finest one is selected. This sperm is gently injected into the egg’s cytoplasm using tiny needles. Under a strong microscope, the complete fertilization process is performed.


A Blastocyst transfer, on the other hand, is when the transfer is carried out on day 5. The incubator is subsequently filled with this fertilized egg. After 24 hours, such an egg starts to exhibit fertilization-related symptoms. The egg keeps dividing to become an embryo. The embryo is prepared to be placed in the uterus at 3 days old and has 8 cells.


A blastocyst transfer may increase your chances of having a successful, healthy pregnancy with only one embryo transplanted. If all goes according to plan, an embryo will adhere to the uterine wall and develop into your child. You’ll be ready to do a pregnancy test after around two weeks.


Advantages of ICSI

The treatment for male infertility known as ICSI involves directly injecting sperm into the egg. Even while there is no assurance that this treatment for male infertility will always be successful, eliminating the primary cause improves the chances.


A successful ICSI operation depends on several variables, including motility, sperm count, and morphology. These elements make it possible for the sperm to meet the egg and fertilize it.


This procedure is helpful for male infertility treatment in Delhi and assisted a disabled man who had an irreversible vasectomy, same-sex couples, and a single parent in raising a child.


Disadvantages of ICSI

ICSI has various drawbacks since it interferes with sperm selection’s natural process. To maximize the likelihood of conception, nature selects the finest sperm with the greatest genetic material to reach the egg. This therapy works differently. Eliminating natural processes and adapting artificial ones cannot ensure that your genetic makeup is healthy or that your efforts will always be successful.



One of the most challenging circumstances, when there are issues with a female or male spouse is infertility. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, one of the top IVF doctors in Delhi, provides infertility treatment alternatives for couples with trouble becoming pregnant. The treatment’s efficacy is what gives the infertile couple optimism that they could finally be able to have a family.

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