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Is male infertility treatment reliable and effective in Delhi?

When a couple has experienced regular, unprotected sex for a year (if the female partner is younger than 35 years old) or six months (in all other cases), but is still unable to conceive, this is referred to as infertility. According to studies, ten and twenty percent couple trying to conceive can experience infertility. 10% of men may not be able to conceive or have difficulty conceiving a child with their partner.

However, with the latest technology, male infertility can be treated and if you are suffering from the issue, you must contact a male infertility specialist in Delhi.

Causes of male infertility

Men need a variety of procedures and hormones in order to be able to make a partner pregnant. Both the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus is hormone-producing organs in the body. “Gonadotropin-releasing hormone” (GnRH), which is secreted by the hypothalamus, encourages the pituitary gland to release “luteinizing hormone” (LH) with “follicle-stimulating hormone” (FSH). Such hormones contribute to sperm and testosterone development in the testicles.

Infertility may result from:

  • Low LH and FSH production as a result of hypothalamic or pituitary gland dysfunction.
  • A condition that affects the testicles and reduces sperm flow.
  • Issues with testicular sperm entering seminal fluid and leaving the body during ejaculation.

Sometimes, medical professionals are unable to identify the precise cause of infertility. Therefore, meeting the male infertility specialist in Delhi is mandatory.

Treatment and its effectiveness on Male infertility treatment in Delhi

Depending on the actual cause, there are many ways for treating male infertility. Other considerations, such as cost and individual interests, can influence whether or not to seek therapy. Male infertility can sometimes be treated with medicine or surgery, but in the majority of cases, assisted reproductive technology seems to be the preferred method.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are frequently beneficial when testing reveals that the male partner’s semen includes no or very few healthy sperm. Many couples who couldn’t conceive naturally now have hope because of these methods.

However, the methods are pricey, demand a significant amount of time and effort, and can pose certain health hazards. After numerous ART cycles (attempts), the chance of success decreases. The dangers, benefits, and effectiveness of the various choices should be discussed with a male infertility specialist in Delhi if you and your companion are thinking about ART.

Most patients who use assisted reproductive technologies (ART) don’t have any significant side effects. Depending on the process utilized to extract sperm, there are little to no dangers for men. Men who need to have sperm retrieval surgery run a minor risk of bleeding, testicular injury, and infection. For avoiding that getting the best male infertility treatment in Delhi is needed.

When the reason for infertility is unknown, ART could be an option. When male infertility is a problem, it may be employed. It can be used to treat female infertility brought on by fallopian tube issues or primary ovarian failure.


The rate of success of fertility treatments as a whole is around 50%. Accordingly, the majority of couples who receive treatment become pregnant. The effectiveness of treatment, meanwhile, varies from patient to patient. It somewhat relies on the cause of your infertility; some reasons are more difficult to cure than others. One important factor is age.

For elderly men and women, treatment options are less inclined to result in pregnancy than they are for younger people.

The success rates of ART differ between reproductive clinics. However, the chances of success for couples under the age of 35 are often close to 40%. The likelihood of success is reduced for the older couple. However, for the best treatment, you have to reach the best male infertility specialist in Delhi.

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