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Know About Types of Fertility Doctors and Specialties

Gynecologists and urologists who have received extra training to deal with disorders related to the reproductive organs are often referred to as fertility experts.

While your health care physician or gynecologist may be able to begin the screening process and perhaps prescribe basic therapies such as Clomid, you may need to visit a fertility specialist for testing and therapy that goes beyond the fundamentals. 

Doctors Who Specialize in Fertility

There are several specialists in the best IUI center in Delhi that specialize in fertility treatment. Your medical history and requirements will determine the most appropriate one for you. 

Reproductive Endocrinologists

Endocrinologists who specialize in reproductive health are what many individuals think of when they hear the term fertility experts. The term reproductive endocrinologist refers to a gynecologist who has received extra infertility and fertility therapy training. Reproductive endocrinologists handle both male and female fertility disorders.

Reproductive endocrinologists supervise, perform, and prescribe several reproductive examinations and treatments, including IUI and IVF.  Additionally, in the best IVF treatment centre in Delhi, they may assist cancer patients with fertility preservation by consulting with an oncologist to organise pre-treatment fertility preservation.

Reproductive Surgeons 

Surgical fertility specialists are yet another type of fertility expert. While reproductive endocrinologists and reproductive surgeons both do surgery, reproductive surgeons have received further surgical methods and may be able to treat patients for conditions other than infertility. Their major training may be in gynecology or urology, depending on their specialty.

For instance, reproductive surgeons may do surgery to remove fibroids or treat endometriosis, among other procedures. In addition, vasectomy and tubal ligation procedures are also performed or reversed by a reproductive surgeon. 


Male fertility specialists, often known as andrologists, are urologists who have undergone further training in male reproduction. The evaluation and treatment of male infertility may be done by an andrologist alone or with a reproductive endocrinologist. In addition, they may investigate further to determine the source of low or nonexistent sperm counts and, if feasible, correct the condition for the couple to get pregnant without the need for in vitro fertilization.

In the best IUI center in Delhi, an andrologist may also conduct a testicular biopsy, which is used to extract testicular sperm (TESE). Their other areas of expertise include treating reproductive infections, erectile dysfunction, testicular torsion, and undescended testes.

Reproductive Immunologists

Reproductive immunologists integrate their understanding of immunology with their knowledge of reproductive medicine. For example, recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility, or unexplained repeated IVF failure are all conditions that may warrant consultation with a reproductive immunologist.

If you experience endometriosis or an autoimmune condition such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, you may want to see a reproductive immunologist for further evaluation. Reproductive immunologists may be either doctors or scientists, and they generally collaborate with a reproductive endocrinologist to treat infertile couples undergoing treatment.


At SCI IVF HOSPITAL, there are excellent doctors. So, make an appointment to meet with the experts before deciding on the best infertility clinic in Delhi. Find out whether the physicians have previous experience treating people with reproductive issues.

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