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Surrogacy Success Rate in India

Surrogacy Success Rate in India

Most of the couples who are unable to experience the joy of parenthood feel distressed. But, the alternative conception or surrogacy is the best option to consider. Even though, one has to understand that this process may not be fruitful in the first attempt. However, in 60-70% of cases at SCI IVF the surrogacy success rate in India reflects that couples can try up to 6 times to conceive. Basically, if a woman is finding discomfort or issues in her ovaries, fallopian tube, or uterus, then, complications may arise in her case. She will not be able to conceive naturally.

What you should know about the surrogacy success rate in India?

At SCI IVF, the leading IVF fertility center, every case of surrogacy gets examined by specialists. On a factual note, even though the woman who conceives the child is her biological mother, but, in technical terms and according to terms of surrogacy, the couple who plans to undergo IVF is considered to be eligible to become parents of the newborn child. In India, the practice of undergoing surrogacy is only valid when the patient is married for at least five years.

In terms of surrogacy success rate in India, it can be stated that certain factors influence the process to execute without any hindrance. This is precisely why the health assessment of the woman is carried out to ensure whether she can handle the process of surrogacy or not. On the other hand, up to 55-80% of the cases of surrogacy are successful and the success of the procedure solely depends on the advanced amenities and the right IVF center selection.

How to ensure a high surrogacy success rate in India?

In the case of surrogacy, the woman lends her womb to the couple in order to help them conceive a child through an IVF procedure. She is also known as the surrogate or the gestational carrier. Nevertheless, in order to make the surrogate success rate higher and attain the outcome as per the plan, SCI IVF signs the agreement form seeking the consent of the couple who wants to bear the child and the gestational carrier or the surrogate.

Unlike the process of IVF, surrogacy is mostly considered as the favorable option for helping couples experience parenthood. The basic reason behind this recommendation is a woman in her early 20s can serve as a suitable candidate to become a surrogate to attain a higher surrogacy success rate in India. But, this is not the case in the process of IVF. Visit our fertility center and discuss your plans of surrogacy at SCI IVF Hospital and seek the best recommendation!

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