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Treatment Options and Cost of IVF in Delhi

In today’s world, the term IVF is a common process to consider as these are becoming the most common process to continue fertilization. Also, in the IVF process, the mature eggs are retrieved or collected from the ovaries of the woman and then fertilized by the sperm n the lab. The fertilized egg, which is also commonly known as an embryo is transferred back into the uterus for further fertilization.

Thus the two main contents received in this process include the eggs and the sperms, however, this whole process can demand a time period of three weeks.  Also, there are times when all these steps are divided into several parts for which can take an even longer period of time.

In this blog, you can further understand the treatment and cost of the IVF Packages in Delhi NCR.

Explain the success rates of IVF?

There are several factors that further lead to the success of the IVF process. For instance, the reasons for infertility, where you are performing this thing done, including whether the eggs are frozen or in the fresh stage, or eggs are donated and is your own, and the age. The CDC further provides a statistical report that states that almost 99% of this process along with GIFT, and ZIFT are processed.

According to the research reports it is found that more than 3crore couples in India already suffer from Infertility issues.  Apart from these, a recent report from 2018, stated that 50% of IVF processes that are involved in the woman with the age of 35 resulted in a live birth, and a woman with 2 or more, received a birth with egg transfers with a percentage of 3.9%.

What is the Cost of IVF?

Infertility is a common problem of fertility that makes it difficult for individuals to conceive a biological child. To treat this infertility problem that is chronic among women and men, In Vitro Fertilization process can be considered, which is also easily available as the IVF Packages in Delhi NCR. It is for fact that women and men along with aging also find conceiving really difficult and hard.

The Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi, with the process of IVF, can range somewhere between Rs 2.5 lakhs and Rs. 4 Lakhs. However, in this process, several methods of treatments are required which can further escalate the cost. With the huge rate of this in India, it is expected that the IVF industry will grow by 776 USD million by 2022.

Also, the cost is very much minimal in India when compared with the other western countries. For instance, the average cost of this in the U.S can range from $12,000 to $17,000, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Treatment process of IVF

In IVF, commonly known as In-vitro Fertilization, several steps are used for the treatment, that is further discussed for your better understanding, and this huge list of procedures increase the cost of this:

  1. Ovarian Stimulation: This is the first process where several medications are provided for the stimulation of the ovary. This is, however, performed to stimulate the eggs.
  1. Patient Monitoring: Then in the 2nd step, the patient remains under the monitoring process to check the levels of hormones.
  1. Maturing Eggs: 3rd step is the maturing of the eggs which is done by the injection of HCG.
  1. Egg Retrieval: It is a minor surgical process that includes almost 30 minutes to draw the eggs with the help of an ultrasound imaging process.
  1. Sperm Collection: Then sperm is collected either from the male partner or from the donor.
  1. Egg Fertilization: It is the process when the sperm and the eggs are fertilized and are also known as insemination.
  1. Embryo Transfer: The formed embryo is transferred to the uterus after 3-5 days by implantation.
  1. Pregnancy Test: Lastly, a test of the women takes place after 2-3 weeks with a normal blood test, t verify the pregnancy.


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