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Infertility because of lifestyle changes, explained by Dr. Shivani Gour

The infertility problem is growing rampant in couples nowadays.

Infertility’s one major causative factor for this is increased age in both partners, says Dr. Shivani Gour Consultant fertility specialist and Director Of SCI IVF Hospital. More women work than ever before, and an increasing number choose to delay starting a family until established in their careers.

Infertility has been attributed equally to men and women with 20% of infertility problems due to unknown factors. However, men’s infertility is rapidly surpassing women’s. The decline in male infertility can be attributed to a number of factors like environmental toxins, medications, infections, diet, drug abuse, high fever, elevated testicular temperature, binge drinking, cigarette smoking, and advanced age.

What perhaps is an underlying effect of these insults on the fertility of men is an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation. This can now be tested by DFI ( DNA fragmentation Assay Index), a value >30% indicates a significant lack of fertility and increased chances of recurrent abortion. The presence of DNA fragmentation in sperms can also be a reason for unexplained infertility ( where no obvious reason can be determined and all test results being normal). The best treatment for this factor is through the ICSI  technique, a specialized IVF procedure where a single healthy sperm is directly injected into an egg under a microscope.

Women are even at higher risk of losing their fertility potential with advancing age. Female ovaries have a finite number of eggs which are depleting automatically as one ages. Dr. Shivani Gour to females who are delaying pregnancy unnecessarily long due to professional reasons. Your biological clock is ticking !! So plan a pregnancy early and seek specialized treatment before it is too late, when the only option left is donor eggs from ART Bank with IVF treatment.

Apart from this, there are other common reasons for infertility like ovulatory dysfunction, blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm counts. Those with straightforward ovulatory problems can consider themselves lucky as a treatment for this is relatively simple. But the best treatment for those with blocked fallopian tubes, severe male infertility, and unexplained infertility is IVF/ICSI (Test Tube Baby Technique).

      Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

      MBBS, MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

       Consultant Obs & Gynae and IVF Specialist

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour’s distinguished work has brought local and international attention to SCI Healthcare’s IVF programs. Through her medical expertise and dedication to excellence, hundreds of couples from around the world are now parents.

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